Friday, May 6, 2011

The Most Amazing Part: He Did It With A Straight Face

Even before he took office, Scott Walker started attacking state employees.   He intentionally and illegally tried to sabotage their contract negotiations, to the point of doing some pay for play with Judas Plale.

Then, shortly after taking office, he has his cronies in the state legislature pass the specially designed union busting bill, even if they had to do that illegally as well.

He's trying to double charge them for benefits that they negotiated for in good faith (and took a lesser pay for).  Even more egregious, he is trying to strip workers of their rights that they've enjoyed for over 50 years and has led the state into being the power house it used to be.

This spurred protests of such magnitude like the state hasn't seen in decades, if ever.  And not just state workers or union members, but people of all walks of life.  Old and young, public and private sector workers, rich and poor, famous and unknown people were all joined together to tell Walker and his GOP allies not to do this, that we did not want this.

They proceeded in trying to anyway, ignoring their own constituents in doing so. Then they had the audacity to act shocked, shocked they say, to be now reaping the whirlwind that they had sown.

But the vulgarity doesn't end there.

Now Walker has come out with some lame scheme of having a "State Worker Appreciation Day,"  complete with an official certificate that he had printed up the tens of thousands. Adding this insult to injury, he has also announced a "State Employee Recognition Program," which he claims to be in order to recognize the state employees that go that extra mile in doing their jobs. And in piling up the irony, Walker made not just one, but two, videos regarding this stunt.

But we know what he is really saying in this stunt of his.  Is it any wonder that no one is taking him seriously?

But before the gentle reader starts hurling invectives at Walker (not that he's not deserving of any insults tossed his way), it should be noted that this is probably not even his idea and he is not the only governor to show bad taste.  In fact, via democurmudgeon, we learn that Governor John Kasich of Ohio is doing an employee recognition stunt as well.

Something tells me that if we follow the money trail, it leads back to the Koch Brothers.

If Walker is serious about this whole thing, though, the first winners obviously should be the Fab 14 and the Assembly Democrats, who sacrificed so much in an effort to slow down, if not stop, this atrocity from happening in the first place.

ADDENDUM: If you wish to help nominate the Fab 14 or the Assembly Democrats, go to this page, download the form and submit it in any of the ways they have listed.

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  1. I submitted a form nominating the Fab 14 for recognition. Lets flood this farce with Fab 14 nominations!