Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NOI And I: Where I Get To Be A Hip Muser

On Thursday, New Organizing Institute (NOI) will be hosting a discussion regarding the events surrounding the Wisconsin protests and what role social media played in the course of events, including #wiunion for the Twitterati.

The panel discussing these issues will be moderated by our own Tom Foley, aka Illusory Tenant, although putting him and any form of the word moderate is surprising to me.

The panel itself will include:

  • State Senator Chris Larson, of the Fab 14, and a rock star in his own right,
  • Melissa Ryan, New Media Director of NOI and organizer extraordinaire,
  • The incomparable Emily Mills, woman of many talents, including blogger, columnist, actress, musician, and all around great person,
  • Max Love, UW student and concerned citizen,
  • Some guy named Chris Liebenthal, aka capper, who will be there for comic relief and doing his best imitation of the Hip Muser.
The event will be ironically held in the "Industry Room" in the Union South building at UW (the one in Madison).

If you are unable to attend, you can watch get a live feed by signing up at this site.

There will be an autograph signing session afterwards.


  1. Koch brothers will be all over that live feed. I worry Chris Larson will say something that will be used against him in a later campaign.

  2. I doubt that Larson is naive enough to do that.