Sunday, May 22, 2011

(Not So) Great Scotts! Walker, Fitzgerald Feed the #wiunion Fire

This weekend, the state Republicans are holding their convention in the Wisconsin Dells. As one might imagine, two of the main speakers were Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald.  (Ron Johnson would have been one, but he is apparently still lost due to sunspot interference.)

Both Walker and Fitzgerald, each in his own way, did a lot to refuel the flames which has brought out hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the state and from all walks of life to first protest the ill-spirited misdeeds by the current regime, then taking action to remove these sociopaths from office.

Walker did his part by encouraging the people by letting people see him sweat and admitting he is afraid of the recalls (emphasis mine):
Six Republicans and three Democrats are targeted for recalls starting as early as July 12. Democrats need to pick up three seats to take control of the Senate from Republicans. If that happened, the Republican agenda would come to a grinding halt in the Statehouse, where Democrats currently are unable to stop Walker's proposals from passing.

Walker, speaking to about 1,000 Republicans at a Wisconsin Dells resort, said the only thing that could stop the GOP's momentum in the state are the recall elections.

"For the next two months, you shouldn't think about any United States Senate seat, you should think about protecting six brave senators and picking up three others," Walker said.
I don't know about you, gentle reader, but I would think a true leader of the people, who is willing to acknowledge this kind of fear would want to reconsider the path that he taking people down.  Instead of doing the right thing, the intelligent thing, he doubles down on stupidity and evil by trying to pursue his wrong-minded goals.

And if Walker's flop sweat wasn't enough to keep the people going, Fitzgerald does his part by pouring gas on the fire and doing his best Glenn Grothman imitation (again, emphasis mine):
The protesters, as well as the fleeing Democrats, were frequent targets of derision at the convention.

"It's been a long time since I've been around this many people who weren't chanting and yelling, sometimes at me," Fitzgerald said. "And I also got to tell you, you all smell a lot better too."
I wonder how the six Republican senators who are going to face the angry voters in just a few weeks are feeling about their supposed party leaders leading them like sacrificial lambs to slaughter.

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