Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture The Fun

Scott Walker's administration announced their new marketing campaign that is supposed to draw visitors to Wisconsin.  They're calling this tourism drive "Picture the Fun."

Well, let's see here. In the few months of his reign of terror, he's attacked the working men and women, attacked the poor, attacked the children, attacked the teachers, attacked the GLBT community, and has attacked just about every civil right in this state. The one thing he has not done but had promised to do during his campaign is to create jobs.

In light of that, do you reckon that this is the picture  that they should probably be using in their "Picture the Fun" campaign?

Well, if Walker had his way, that would be the most accurate to be sure.  But, there is one thing Walker and the Fitz Boyzzz had counted on, and that is the Wisconsin spirit.  Walker may want the state to look like the above, but #wiunion will make it look more like this picture until things are again put to rights:

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  1. Thanks capper.

    With gas at $4/gallon, HSR would have made it so much easier for tourists to visit.