Monday, May 23, 2011

Rich The Tax Payer Funded Propagandist

Last night, via Illusory Tenant, we learned that Michael Brickman, aka Rich in Retail, aka the Brady Street Moleman, and former Scott Walker campaign worker, now had a cushy tax payer funded job in Walker's administration.

Tonight, we learn that Brickman's job apparently is in the Department of Propaganda and Untruths.  How do we learn this?  Well, via his twitter feed, that's how:

Wher the real #shame comes in is the fact that Brickman is simply lying.  To prove that Brickman is being paid with our tax dollars to sit there and lie his butt off, let's roll the tape and see what his own freakin' boss, Scott Walker, has to say about collective bargaining, under oath even:
“Your proposal would require unions to hold annual votes to continue representing their own members. Can you please explain to me and members of this committee how much money this provision saves for your state budget?” question Kucinich.

After an unresponsive answer by Governor Walker, Kucinich pressed, “Did you answer the questions? How much money does it save, Governor?”

“It doesn’t save any,” admitted Governor Walker.

Kucinich then requested permission to enter into the record a letter from the State of Wisconsin’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau (page 3 specifically), a nonpartisan state budget agency that confirmed Governor Walker’s efforts had no effect on the state’s budget.

“The Bureau was asked to identify provisions in the Governor’s bill that are non-fiscal; non-fiscal policy items that have no state fiscal effect. This letter confirms the obvious; that Governor Walker’s effort to repeal the rights of state workers is a non-fiscal policy item. No effect on the state budget shortfall,” said Kucinich.
So even Walker admits that his attempts to strip workers of their rights is not, I repeat, NOT, a fiscal issue. Furthermore, this is backed up by the nonpartisan and widely esteemed Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

There are two things that we can take away from this.

One, it's nice to we can Brickman to be as useful to the Walker administration as he was to the Walker campaign.

Two, it finally gives us a real, clear cut reason to finally use Walker's waste and fraud hotline, which we are also paying for with our tax dollars.

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