Sunday, May 22, 2011

TOMMY!!! Not Koch Approved

Leading up to this year's Republicanfest, Tommy Thompson, the Brett Favre of Wisconsin politics, was making noise about running for Senator Herb Kohl's seat.

It quickly became apparent that the Koch brothers did not approve of this development as both Koch Brother funded Scott Walker and the Koch Brother funded Club for Growth of Koch Brothers' Profit Margins started to launch preemptive attacks against their former ally.

All that money that the Koch brothers poured into this little hatefest appears to have done what they wanted, since a straw pole at the convention gave the unofficial nod to state Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Who?) and his "Are you worthy of me?" website.

I am surprised that people with that much money would waste so much of it on a waffler like Tommy. Maybe it's a sign that they're finally starting to realize all their money doesn't mean a thing when the people are fighting for their freedoms.  And this realization is making them very nervous.

Good. They should be.

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  1. So funny that the man who sowed the wind of pay-for-play in Wisconsin is now reaping the whirlwind of big money politics.