Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walker Now Starting To Alienate Supporters

Apparently, Scott Walker has alienated all the liberals and independent voters in the state in just a few months and is now taking aim at ticking off his own supporters.  The first of these is the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, which, to put it mildly, was not to impressed with him:
And, likewise, the WCC's Goat Locker is their convention, the only time and place all delegates gather annually. When taking the podium, past governors extended honors like recognizing the WCC chairman, and sometimes both vice chairmen, by name.

They then unfolded a speech about issues before the WCC. They often challenged the delegates, specifying where they needed help, better effort or deeper thoughts. They concluded by fielding questions, trusting delegates not to ask which conibear traps are best for beaver sets.

In other words, governors don't just wing it for 10 minutes with a disjointed impromptu speech and leave without taking questions from the floor. Yet that's what Gov. Walker did at the WCC's 77th annual gathering in Wausau.
At Walker's pace of not influencing people and losing friends, I have a feeling that if they can't start collecting signatures until November 3, they won't hit quota until at least November 5.

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