Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whereas Dan Kapanke Just Soiled His Knickers

For those that might have missed it, there were three special elections held on Tuesday, to fill the seats of legislators who were appointed to fill slots in the Walker Regime.  As you can imagine, since Walker only would appoint those loyal to his paper throne, all three appointees are staunch Republicans who have safely held their seats for years.

It was expected that all three seats would remain red.

But lo and behold, one of the seats did turn to blue. That seat belonged to Mike Huebsch, who became Walker's number one henchman.  Now it belongs to Democrat Steve Doyle.

That now make two out of the three representative districts in Senator Dan Kapanke's district a strong blue.

Well, he still has a couple of months to try to get the people to understand why his voting to take away their rights is really in their best interest.  Then he can relax as he watches Senator Jennifer Shilling get sworn into to fill his former seat.

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  1. Nice post. I was also thinking of Ben Masel at this time. Ben didn't use profanity so often. However Ben reserved the name "Pig Fu*ker" for Huebsch. I think Ben would be pleased to see that the Pig Fu*ker's old Assembly seat went blue.