Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why WISGOP Is Out To Destroy Public Education

As Scott Walker and the Fitz Boyzzz have set about to systematically destroy every positive thing about Wisconsin, among their tip targets has been the public education system.

First, they attack the teachers' civil and workers' rights, as they did with every other public sector employee, with the temporary exemption of police and fire fighters.

They are currently trying to run a bill through which would further hamper teachers and the school systems alike. This bill would basically blame teachers for the societal woes created and/or enhanced by WISGOP's own policies.

Making  the WISGOP attack on the public school sector teachers is even more perplexing when one realizes that  Wisconsin public high schools have had the highest graduation in the nation for two years running. It would seem that something is working.

So why is WISGOP out to push these teachers out the door?  Besides the obvious desire to pay their debt to the private school lobbyists, that is.

Well, simply put, the private schools are not only losing popularity with the parents, but with the teachers, who would rather teach at a public school:
Some religious school leaders worry they could lose young teachers to higher-paying public schools as more positions open due to record setting retirements.

No religious schools have yet reported losing teachers, but the concern is legitimate, said Matt Kussow, executive director of the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools, which represents 650 hundred schools in the state.

“It has been a problem in the past where private schools are training grounds for the public school system,” Kussow said. “They come to us for a few years, and then they find the salary and benefits in the public sector more attractive.”
That information raises an interesting and a vital question: Just how bad are the private sector schools that they're afraid that their own teachers would run off to a public sector school which has been devastated by the greedy, corrupt and maleficent WISGOP?  And the private schools will have an even tougher go of things if they actually have to start teaching all the children and not just the ones that they cherry pick.


  1. From my personal experience, repugs hate teachers because they did so poorly in school and they have a axe to grind.

    It pays to remember the excellent quote from John Mills:

    "Not all conservatives are stupid, but most stupid people are conservative."

  2. Walker and the Fitzgerald boys don't really have to go after the police and firefighters themselves. They can leave that to the local communities. After the local communities screw over the other public sector employees in their contracts ( thanks to, or because of the limits imposed by Walker and the Republican legislature ) they can turn to the police and firefighters and say "well gee, these other employees took it up the _ss, now it's your turn."

    This also could turn out to be a victory for Walker since he could be able to claim that he was not the guy who screwed someone over, it was someone else.

    Lets hope that the citizens of Wisconsin and the Police and Firefighter unions that supported Walker actually see through this.