Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wisconsin Elections: By Hook Or By Crook

The Republicans in Wisconsin know that they are on a losing path with their hostile, anti-Wisconsin agenda.

Their knowledge, and fear, of the people is being shown in the callous way they are treating entire segments of the population and their attempts to suppress any opposing voice.  And nothing illustrates this as well as the hypocritical way these "freedom fighters" are treating one of the most sacred rights in this country, the right to pick our own representation.

First we see their leaders lying to their constituents, ignore what the people actually want and vote to keep entire swaths of the citizenry from being able to exercise their constitutional rights of voting.  They do so at the harm of the tax payers, even as they proclaim themselves to be the friend of the tax payers.

Now, the Republicans have decided that public financing is just wrong for elections. The timing is interesting seeing that the very wealthy Senator Herb Kohl had just recently announced that he will be retiring at the end of this term.  Apparently, they Koch-financed Republicans are that afraid of the voters that they feel that even an average citizen who might receive a pittance of public financing would be an insurmountable obstacle for them.

What the Republicans continuously fail to understand is that this is Wisconsin.  While money is nice to have, it's not nearly as valued by most Wisconsinites as the basics of freedom, independence and justice. All they know is that they're no longer completely in control and they are starting to panic. But instead of doing things that might save their political rears, they are only pouring gas on an already blazing fire.

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