Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WISGOP Looks To Tamper With Recall Elections

Apparently not satisfied with their bungling of the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, WISGOP is now looking to tamper with the recall elections which are in just two months by interfering with the voting rights of the elderly, the poor and college students (emphasis mine):
Voters taking part in the upcoming recall elections would need photo identification, if the latest version of the controversial voter ID bill becomes law.

The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee passed an amended version of the photo ID bill Monday, removing a provision that required student IDs to carry correct addresses and moving up the date of implementation to immediately after the bill passes.

"We were all wondering why there's such a rush on this bill — now we know," said state Rep. Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse. "It's about the recall elections. You feel the rules need to be changed right in the middle of the game."
Apparently, the Republicans have figured out that despite their sound bites and the endless squawking points parroted by AM radio stations, they aren't really following the will of the people.

So instead of doing the things they were elected to do, they are following the bidding of the special interests that helped buy their seats (read Koch Brothers et alia).  Sadly, they do so by inventing a problem that doesn't exist in order to match their "solution."

I would expect that a class action lawsuit will be slapped on this thing as soon as it is published, which could still keep it from affecting the recall elections on July 12.  But just in case, since you really can't predict what any given court is going to do, I would suggest that the recall organizers, the unions and other groups do what they do best and figure out a way to boots on the ground to help people meet this illegal poll tax.

I tell you one thing, gentle reader, I can barely wait for the day that we can start getting things squared away and cleaning up this mess that these fools are making.

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