Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Carlson, And Thank You

Today is Stuart Carlson's last day with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here is his last cartoon:

The paper's quality of reporting has been steadily declining over the years, as it loses any sense of perspective and fairness in reporting that it may have once had. It takes an even steeper nosedive after this boneheaded maneuver of forcing Carlson out the door. Or to paraphrase James Wigderson, "It's definitely not worth the 50 cents anymore."

Hopefully, Mr. Carlson will still keep working, and his artwork will be available somewhere on the Intertubes.

UPDATE: Fortunately for us, Mr. Stuart will be in syndicated papers, at places like the Washington Post. His work can also be found at

So, until I can see your work again, so long, Mr. Carlson. And thank you.

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