Monday, August 11, 2008

Packers Chose To Four-go Income

Two Packers related items from today's NewsWatch, from JSOnline, were worthy of note.

One, is that Brett Farve's Jets jersey is the hottest selling shirt, according to Second on the list is Favre's Packers jersey.

In a not entirely unrelated story, the Packers were publicizing that they still had tickets to sell. I don't ever recall seeing a story where there were tickets available that late before game time, even for a preseason game.

And despite what the homer's at the Journal staff would tell you, Rodgers first start was only so-so, basically what you would expect from a back up quarterback. Not what you want from a starter.

Unfortunately for me, I missed on my first guess in the pool on which game Rodgers would be hurt and out for the season.

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