Monday, August 25, 2008

Sister, Can You Spare A Dime?

With Michelle Obama giving her speech at the Democratic Convention tonight, I would say it will be a pretty good bet what we will see and hear tomorrow.

A lot of the right wingers will be falling all over themselves to repeat their spin of her speech in Milwaukee earlier this year. They will echo their echoes of "Michelle Obama is just now proud of her country?" This is of course a long, hard spin of what she really said, but they don't have much else to go on, and they don't feel really all that good about their candidate. All they have to hope for (pun intended) is to change (another intended pun) how people feel about McCain by tearing down the Obamas.

Their desperation is so palpable, that they are now trying to go after Senator Obama regarding a half-brother.

Their problem is that in their desperation, their hypocrisy oozes out. The right seem to want to overlook the fact that Cindy McCain, who has repeatedly called herself an only child, isn't one. Now, it is hard to spin a simple fact like this. One either has siblings or one doesn't. No need for wild interpretations here.

It makes one wonder what other things are hiding in the closets in the McCain's multiple houses.

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  1. Still more amazing to me is the McCain family penchant for kicking while one is down.