Saturday, July 1, 2017

We Have Entered A New Circle Of Hell

Isn't this precious?! The Assembly GOP made a short video doing the School House Rock version of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States:

Apparently, they couldn't find enough members that were able to pretend they gave a damn about the Constitution to do the whole song.

Instead of doing a cutesy and horribly off-key song, these twits would be better off actually reading those documents, or having someone read it to them, and then have someone explain the meaning of it, pointing out where they are missing the mark. It should only take four years or so...


  1. OMG thats awful ....even the russians wouldnt do that to us

  2. Uhh, the GOPs do know that the 4th of July celebrates our Independence from Britain, and NOT the Constitution, which was written 11 years later, don't they?

    In fact, if you read the Declaration, it makes it sound like British were a lot like the GOP regime on Madison. Arbitrary, self-centered rule, rigging of the justice system, and ignoring the people because they felt they were above accountability.

    They ain't too smart in WisGOP World, are they?

  3. On 7/4 NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence, ~140 characters at a time. The right wing freaked out, protesting vigorously over this "calling for a revolution", especially over the apparent accusation against our beloved President Trump: "a Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may thus define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."

  4. But, oh, the hypocrisy of the neo-Confederate GOP reciting the Constitution’s Preamble:

    • “in Order to form a more perfect Union”: yeah, that GOP lapel pin that Reince Priebus always wore, with the elephant over the stripes (its back turned to the union as befits a Confederate-gray avatar), sure showed which came first, Party ahead of Nation.

    • “establish Justice”: as indicated, e.g., by putting the DoJ under Jeff Sessions, who had previously been nominated for a federal district court judgeship in 1986 and had to withdraw precisely due to things like even his home state’s Senator saying he had “reasonable doubts” about his ability to be “fair and impartial”.

    • “insure domestic Tranquility”: if siding with the NRA on pouring guns into society didn’t make a point, surely Trump’s urging his rally audiences to commit violence on protestors and even reporters should have done so. Violence and discrimination against racial and religious minorities has gone up, and (surprise!) as in the AirBnB case committers say things like “This is why we have Trump.”

    • “provide for the common defence”: by giving away the farm, farmhouse, farm tools, stored crops, and cattle, to bleeping Russia? If you give away the election system (and Executive Branch) that controls the government, that’s what you’ve done.

    • “promote the general Welfare”: cutting tens of millions off Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance plans, is sure a good start on that, right?

    • “and secure the Blessings of Liberty”: very, verrry selectively... while taking away the right to vote from the opposition party, and especially Persons of Color....