Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wisconsin Walker/Ryan Weekend Catch-Up

By Jeff Simpson 

The states ringmaster was given an honorary top clown distinction when he visited Circus World recently.  Scott Walker even had the opportunity to ride an elephant(insert own joke here).    

Thank Goodness, we only elect the best of the best, because after his big ride, Scott Walker was able to give us this bit of Yoda like wisdom:

Walker said the suspension on the pachyderm differed slightly from his Harley.
“It’s a little back and forth,” he said. “If my bike was back and forth, that would only be if I were taking a corner.”
If you take anything away from this summer of learning, it is that the suspension on a motorcycle and an elephant are different.    Seriously that came out of his mouth, next thing you know he will be advocating walling off Canada

But Wait There is more!   

Our hero Governor, did not take Abraham Lincoln's advice about remaining quiet, and kept right on talking!   

Even though a fire-juggling unicyclist rode a bit wobbly near the governor and his wife, Walker said the show was “spectacular.”
“My wife literally grabbed my leg,” he said about the performer riding a bit too close for comfort. “I was glad I was ready for it, but she wasn’t.”
 He does not call himself #unintimidated for no reason.  He protected his wife from a unicyclist who wobbled when he was in their general vicinity!   That takes some serious steel nerves.   

Now let's go for the trifecta.  

“I don’t think there was a part that wasn’t entertaining,” he added.

Hey Scott, you must not have watched your interviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  

Now we can switch to Wisconsin's other favorite son.  Janesville's own Paul Ryan(R-Photo Op), who as Speaker of the House, is currently third in line for the Presidency and the most visible, kept human being on the planet.  

A quick memory refresher, and we go back to a time, where Paul Ryan was pretending to hold out and not endorsing a guy for President of teh Republican party, who he would never leave alone with his wife.   Then Miraculously, Paul changed his mind, leaving many "never Trumpers" perplexed.   However a quick look at campaign finance reports, we see that Paul had $20 million reasons to endorse The Donald (everyone has a price).  

On August 29th, approximately three months after Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump, two of Trump’s largest campaign donors, Miriam and Sheldon Adelson donated a staggering $20 million to Paul Ryan’s super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund. To put things into perspective, these donations represent approximately 40% of all the donations received by the Congressional Leadership Fund for the entire year of 2016.

However, Paul was able to receive a special unintended consequence that made his year!   Paul Ryan can finally cut Medicaid, like he has always dreamed of doing!    

Later in the interview, Ryan discussed the GOP’s efforts to reduce government spending on health care, specifically the party’s plans to alter Medicaid (the main health insurance program for the poor) by giving the states more control and “capping” the program’s rate of growth. “We’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve been around—since you and I were drinking at a keg,” he told Lowry. The remark drew loud laughter from the crowd.

 Some kids around the keg, talk about women, sports, their careers, movies, etc...but Paul Ryan has been dreaming about cutting public services and hand ups,since he was a kid using Social Security to get through college.  

What is the reason he can not be beat again?  


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