Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Finger On The Trigger

By Jeff Simpson

“It’s incredibly disturbing, the amount of harassment people receive just for expressing a different opinion.” Dana Loesch

Its almost as if people make video's calling for violence and a "clenched fist" against people who they disagree with...


Locally, in a recent forum, Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn, recently blamed CCW for the increase in crime.

One topic that triggered a spirited debate between Chief Flynn and the Police Union’s Mike Crivello was the effect of Wisconsin’s 5-year-old concealed carry law on gun violence in the city.
Flynn says that while "there's a place for concealed carry" for law-abiding citizens, his belief is that the law has put more firearms in the hands of criminals, because of how the state defines a "career criminal."
According to Flynn, the "overwhelming majority" of arrested felons in Milwaukee eventually take plea deals that become misdemeanors - and only convicted felons, or those convicted of three misdemeanors within five years, are barred from carrying a concealed weapon.
"It's an irresponsible law passed by irresponsible legislatures who are more interested in ideological points than saving lives," Flynn said. "And I sure as hell would like some more community outreach about that..too many public officials are silent on it."
Responding to Flynn, Police Association President Michael Crivello said "I have never had a conversation with you, chief, relative to you displaying that we are arresting an overwhelming amount of people, or even one person, that has committed a crime while carrying a CCW."
"The same law says I am forbidden to tell the public when a CCW permit holder breaks the law," Flynn replied. "I'm forbidden by statute."
The Police chief of Milwaukee, saying that the CCW law is irresponsible and causes more crime, while it fits with the actual data, did not sit well with our friends on the right who rely on the ever running NRA stash of money.

Assembly Rep Janel Brandtjen, who grew up on the mean streets of Menomonee Falls, decided she knows best about how to police the city of Milwaukee(so much for backing the badge):

“For far too long Milwaukee’s Police Chief Ed Flynn has been struggling with an ever increasing crime problem in the city. For the past several years, violent crime has been a major problem, with no end in sight. I have long been a vocal critic of the Chief’s failing policies regarding crime. His shortsighted ‘no chase’ policies along with his soft approach on carjacking has signaled to Chicago gangs that Milwaukee is open for business. If Milwaukee is to move forward in a positive direction, we will need leadership at the top that understands the nature of the current gang related crime epidemic. Despite the exploding economic activity of high end condos and apartments all over Milwaukee’s downtown and east side areas, the city continues to decrease in population due to the unsafe environment.

Maybe Ms. Brandtjen could share her intimate knowledge on gangs from Chicago so Chief Flynn could be better prepared to deal with it.    It also is the height of white privilege when you can not understand why people are leaving the city despite(or because of ) the growth of high end condos and taxpayer funded stadiums.

Luckily for Fellow Americans like, Ms. Loesch and Ms. Brandtjen,  The Donald signed a bill making sure they will always have access to guns.

However, next time some unhinged paranoid lunatic decides to start shooting up "the enemy", while it will not be you doing the shooting, your finger will be on the trigger!

Now that precedence has been set that you do not have to be the one actually pulling the trigger to be held accountable!


  1. Jeff, in the last paragraph, you mean “precedent” rather than “precedence”.

  2. ON election eve a group of conservative coyote hunters that included a local businessman I had allowed to hunt on my farm posted that they were ready to use their AR weaponry to attack the government and even assassinate Clinton should she have won.
    I informed them that they were no longer welcome here and Ive since banned all fur hunting and trapping on my property as well as unfriending and blocking the lot of them.
    Its pretty clear that this kind of crap is where these morons got it from.