Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eat Fish Fry, Support Randy Bryce #StacheSolidarityFishFry

Long time readers of this blog will remember that a few years ago, Serb Hall, the go to place for Friday night fish fries, had a management change and were now trying to bust the union there.

Randy Bryce and I came up with a unique way to send a message to management that we were not going to accept that, the Solidarity Fish Fry:
Something has to be done to help our brothers and sisters out.

But that something is not what some of you might suspect.

Usually the response to this sort of action would be to go to Serb Hall and protest their unfair labor practices and/or to boycott the place.

I do want you to go to Serb Hall, but not to protest or hold a rally.

I want you to go to Serb Hall and enjoy a fish fry. But I want you to go and make sure you ask to be seated in one of the union waitress sections. Ask for Patricia, Sandra, Mary Ann, Victoria, and/or Michelle. If the hostess tries to tell you their sections are full, tell her you'll wait until there is an opening.

And while the board had taken away their gratuities, the union won them back through arbitration. So after you have enjoyed your meal, please make sure you leave a healthy tip. The waitresses will appreciate it and it will send a clear message to the board that they would do well to rethink their policy.

And tell them Cog Dis sent ya.
Every Friday for about six months, Randy and I could be found at Serb Hall with scores of friends and allies, union and non-union, eating fish fries, enjoying the solidarity and camaraderie, and supporting the union. Unfortunately, it didn't work out the way that we had hoped. We were able to force management into arbitration, but they declared an impasse and ended up breaking the union. So all the unions and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council stopped holding meetings and events there. It's turned into a ghost town ever since.

And even though things didn't work out the way we wanted, people missed the Solidarity Fish Fries. It had become a support group for all of us as much as it was for the union members at Serb Hall.

Well, boys and girls, it's baaaaaaack!

Given that my union brother and friend, Randy Bryce, is running to dethrone Lyin' Paul Ryan, he's gonna need all the help he can get. Ryan is sitting on a king's ransom of money and feels so secure in his gerrymandered seat that he is willing to dance on the third rail of taking away health care from 23 million people, tens of thousands of whom live in his district.

Randy is off to one helluva start with that awesome video, a slew of TV appearances, both nationally and locally and a breathtaking groundswell of grassroots support from around the district, the state and the nation.

Now is our time to be the change we want to see and work - and eat - to help get Randy into Congress, thus the first ever Stache Solidarity Fish Fry!

Join Randy and I for the a fish fry at Clifford's Supper Club in Hales Corners, on Friday, August 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

(Fun fact: We will be in the same hall that my beautiful bride and I got married in 18 years ago. Expect us to do a lot of reminiscing.)

The details for the Stache Solidarity Fish Fry are the event page on Facebook:
Please join the Ironstache, Randy Bryce, and our hosts for a great Friday Fish Fry to support his campaign to defeat Paul Ryan.

Please arrive at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, August 11, 2017, at Clifford's Supper Club, 10418 W. Forest Home Ave. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m., with a short program during the meal.

There are limited seats available so get your tickets now! Please note that RSVP'ing on Facebook does not reserve your seat - you must purchase your ticket at

$25 of your ticket goes to pay for your all-you-can-eat fish fry, including 1 beer or soda, tax, and tip (although we encourage additional tipping for the workers at the restaurant!) and the remaining $25, $75, or $125 is a contribution to the Randy Bryce for Congress campaign.

Please note, this venue is not disabled-accessible. We apologize for that and we will be having additional events at disabled-accessible spaces.

Questions? Please email or call (262) 260-9366.

Kid Friendly

You can order your tickets here but please be advised that you might experience a little sticker shock at the prices. As noted above, it does cover a lot of things, not the least, support for Randy.

So come and break cod with us and support Randy as he goes on to recall and replace Lyin' Ryan! All are welcome, both old friends and new!

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  1. Met the love of my life at a Solidarity Fish Fry, happily together still. We'll be there for Randy!