Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cause and Effect - Franklin, WI

By Jeff Simpson 

By now, most of you have heard that the School District of Franklin, WI is under fire for disgusting racist acts

Franklin High School administration is investigating a complaint that inappropriate and racist conduct occurred during a boys’ basketball game last night and have been in contact with Racine Horlick leadership today.
An administrator immediately responded to the spectator complaint and a student in question was removed from the gymnasium. This matter remains under investigation.
Franklin Public Schools does not tolerate discriminatory or harassing conduct by students at school, at school sponsored activities and events, or otherwise.  
Sorry Charlie, I would love to believe that is your policy, EXCEPT for one big problem.  You recently put Larry Gamble on your School Board.  

For those who do not remember, Larry Gamble is one of the driving forces behind Verify the Recall, which was a wesbite set up for the sole purpose of  - discriminatory and/or harassing conduct, towards anyone who felt the need to practice democracy in a way that Larry Gamble did not like.

The website, Verify the Recall, seems to be so flooded with hits that searching the database for even one name can take hours, proving again just how consumed people are with the recall.
"In the first 20 minutes, we had about 50,000 hits," Larry Gamble, spokesman for Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. "It has not let up."

Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty is a far right extremist group that claims to be non partisan but only supports the furthest right of candidates and bills.   

As readers of our humble blog know, there is more - there is always more. 

There is most definitely more to Larry Gamble. 

After the peaceful protests of 2011, Gamble did ORR on over 50 school districts to get them to release private personnel files of teachers who were absent during the protests in Madison. 

Gamble, wanted to make sure any teacher who missed those days would be harassed, threatened and branded!

    Larry Gamble, a retired pilot and Tea Party member from Franklin, estimates he filed about 50 records requests, including one for the names of Madison teachers who called in sick.
But legal counsel Dylan Pauly said the district doesn't want to release the names after board members and administrators received "a number of threats" against themselves and district employees.
In the most serious incident, a parent was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for a voice message he allegedly left on a middle school's general mailbox.
According to a police report, the parent was upset about school being closed and left a message saying, "I'm gonna come down there and punch you guys right in the face."
Mission Accomplished Mr. Gamble! 

Cause and effect, chain of events, all of this chaos makes perfect sense!

When you realize you have one of the master harassers in Wisconsin history, who has a history of racism, sexism, and bullying in his past, appointed to a School Board, then incidences of harassment, racism, sexism and bullying start to spike.   

We need to work to fix this and educate the misguided youth of Franklin, but the first step in stopping this is to stop acting like we are surprised. 


  1. Joe McCarthy would be proud, Jeff m'boy. Very proud. The rest of us are wondering how you connect Mr. Gamble with the kid at a basketball game who made, apparently, racist comments. That's not even 7 degrees of separation. But we get it: he supported Act 10 so he's got your character assassination coming.

  2. Ahh David you are so predictable and always so wrong. You are so far off you make ricky vaughn look under control.

    It is not that he supports ACT10 it is that he was one of teh driving forces behind Verify the recall which was Mccarthy on steroids.

    His website and ORR request was done strictly to intimidate, harass and bully anyone who dared disagree with him.

    Really While Scott Walker birthed the idea of attacking people who disagree with you, Gamble helped take it to the next level. He showed that dissent will not be tolerated!

    Now how hard of a stretch is it to think that one of the leaders of the district is that despicable that the district would not follow suit?

  3. Every time I have checked I have failed to find my name on their list. It seems that they missed it! I am very disappointed with this as my friends think I didnt support the recall... something that Ive had to repeatedly defend myself on!

  4. How hard of a stretch? Pretty damn hard. By your logic (if that is what it is) all shoplifting, vagrancy, and bad penmanship can be traced back to this Gamble fellow. And no, Scott Walker did not "birth the idea" of attacking people who disagreed with him. That goes back at least as far as Ted Kennedy.