Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Joel Kleefisch Makes a Promise He Can Never Keep

By Jeff Simpson 

Today in the Wisconsin Assembly, the Democrats forced a vote on requiring background checks on gun sales in WI. 

In Wisconsin, the Democrats have no power, and nothing makes the Republicans madder then when they have to actually listen to the Democrats.   This procedure that the Dems used upset them but they just figured out a way to make take control back of the situation. 

The WisGop, after showing faux outrage, then used an amendment to change the bill to providing an unspecified amount of money(guessing its going to be no where near enough) to schools for armed security guards.

During the Assembly floor session Tuesday afternoon, Democrats pulled from a committee a bill that would require universal background checks for firearm purchases. Republicans allowed the bill to come to the floor, then introduced a substitute amendment that would offer grants to school districts that employ armed safety officers.
Lawmakers then spent several hours engaged in a procedural battle.
Ultimately, Republicans shot down the background checks bill. Rep. Kathleen Bernier, R-Lake Hallie, said she didn't necessarily disagree with the proposal but said she objected to the process by which Democrats brought it to the floor.  
Ok they play their games, and we all lose in the end, but the biggest problem is this.   While the WISGOP have decided instead of trying to stop the shooter from entering the school,  the best way to approach school shootings is hopefully have a shoot out in the school. 

As Representative Joel Kleefish says:

Kleefisch said the measure will allow parents to have "the unabashed confidence that at the end of the day, their kids are coming home." 
Unabashed confidence?   That is a quote that is not only NOT based in reality, but is shameful.

Let's take a look:

The most recent school shooting in Parkland Florida, had an armed guard on premises:

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) - Florida sheriff says the high school campus had an armed officer who never encountered the suspected shooter during attack.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Thursday that the officer never encountered the suspect during the Wednesday afternoon attack that killed 17 people.
17 people did not make it home that night, despite Kleefischs "guarantee".

Lets go back in time. Columbine - also had an armed guard on campus, who actually engaged with the shooters!

In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 15 people and wounded 23 more at Columbine High School. The destruction occurred despite the fact that there was an armed security officer at the school and another one nearby
15 people did not make it home, despite the "guarantee".

There was actually one time where a school resource officer did contain the situation, but that was AFTER one 17 year old girl was shot dead.  She did not make it home again.

Research actually shows, that the answer to school shootings(which despite the fact that there are too many, are still extremely rare), is not more police presence in the schools.

 Cops on campus have been shown to have “mixed effectiveness with regards to school safety,” Jason Nance, a University of Florida professor whose work looks at the impact of cops on campus, told HuffPost in 2016.  
“Are schools safer because we have more police officers? There are big questions about that,” Nance said in an email on Friday. “And we don’t talk enough about the downsides of having more police officers in schools, such as more school-based arrests for matters that should be handled in other ways.”   

The reality is that as long as people have such easy access to guns, hate talk radio continues pointing out that liberals are your enemies, community mental health programs are diminishing and the stress of growing up is increasing, there will be the possibility of school shootings everywhere, and yet there will still be very few. 

The problem of course, is when it actually does happen to your school, where your kids are attending. 

Today, coming on the heels of a horrific school shooting in Florida, the Assembly Republicans did absolutely nothing to address the problem except make false promises and show the Democrats who is boss!

For parents out there(like me), make sure and tell your child, Please don't get murdered at school today

Just to wrap up, our country has chosen to shift all of the weight regarding your safety away from our lawmakers and gun manufacturers and instead put it squarely on the shoulders of your principal and teachers. These people who kneel down on the first day of school so they’re just as tall as you. These people who shake your hand and say, “Good morning!” and help you rehearse for the spring concert and take you on field trips to see different rock formations — they are now in charge of keeping you from getting murdered. Which really is the least they can do for all that money they make.


  1. Not getting this one, guys. Local school boards can pay teachers whatever they want. Isn't that what you do, Jeff, at MG?

  2. No actually they cant, and no its not what we do at MG. I am scared to because I dont want you filing a frivolous lawsuit against us like you like to do

  3. My second grade students would be terrified if I had a gun, and I can't imagine what a revolver would do against a shooter with a semi-automatic and a vest. It's a coward's solution--really address gun laws and mental health for alienated students.