Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lyin' Ryan Tweets Truth On Tax Plan, Deletes It In Shame

On Saturday, Lyin' Paul Ryan accidentally tweeted the truth about his tax scam:

Ooooh! A whole $1.50 per week! That's a whole $78.00 a year! Talk about your windfalls!

I'm sure that this secretary will be equally glad to know that while she's getting her $78.00, the Koch Brothers will get only $1.4 billion per year. That earned Ryan a good boy treat of $500,000 in his campaign coffers from Charles Koch and his wife.

The secretary will be smart to get that membership card at Costco, because she can spend the remaining $18 on the tissues she'll be needing next April when she finds out she actually owes money because she can't claim her property tax or rent, her student loan payments or any of the other deductions she used to claim.

Ryan deleted his tweet when Randy "Ironstache" Bryce busted him on it and turned it into a campaign talking point:

And even though Ryan deleted, the world still saw it and gave him hell for it:

I bet about now that Lyin' Ryan is thinking even harder about retiring, especially before he gets embarrassed again by Ironstache beating him in November.

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  1. How much of a tax break would the secretary have gotten under Obama/Harry Reid/Pelosi?

  2. Like Underdog comes running when Sweet polly purebred calls for help, Blaska comes running when Paul Ryan is being shamed.....

  3. Hey WHAAAA-ska- I got a bigger tax break under Obama in 2009 and in 2011. And I didn't lose my write off for mortgage interest and property taxes in the process, nor did our deficit go sky-high like it is in the process of doing now.

    I know Triple-Dippin' Davey is paid to spread this BS, but you'd think the wingnut welfare case would do a better job with his research before opening up his trap.