Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy Tenth Blogbirthday To Us!

Eleven years ago on this date, my friend and mentor, Jay "Folkbum" Bullock gave me a chance to learn how to use my voice in the cyberworld by inviting me to join his posse of writers.  The Cheddarshpere hasn't been the same ever since.

After a short stint at Whallah!, and with the patience and help of Illy-T, Cognitive Dissidence came to be ten years ago on this date.

Just when the right wing nut jobs thought it couldn't get any worse for them, it did.

Of course, it couldn't have all happened without the help of my coauthors, including first and foremost, my brother-in-blog, Jeff Simpson.  There is also Keith Schmitz, Shane Bakken, Meg Gorski and a whole community of others.

The most important part of our continued and growing success is due solely to you, our gentle readers.  Without your readership and sharing our posts, we wouldn't have been able to make the world see what a pathetic weasel Scott Walker really is.  Most notably is how you helped get the word out worldwide about Walker's infamous Grinch fundraising email, in which he told people to forego Christmas presents for their children and to give him the money instead.

Likewise, this blog wouldn't even be here anymore if it wasn't for your generosity in helping get The People's Computer as my family was reeling from the devastation of Act 10.

Yes, it's been a fabulous and amazing ten years.

But, gentle readers, I need to ask for your help again.  If you can find a few bucks to spare, we would appreciate your donations.  There are costs to running a stand alone blog, especially in these days with the loss of net neutrality and tighter privacy for our readers.

However, your donation could also help you, gentle reader.  I vow that if we raise enough money, I will buy Jeff Simpson a spellcheck and get him some html lessons to help make his posts even better.

Regardless if you can give or not, thank you again, gentle readers, for this amazing trip.  I'm looking forward to the next ten years together, especially as we take our state and our country back from the current regime of fascists and their dark money overlords.

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  1. I'm disappointed. And, I still don't know where Tim Rock is.