Monday, July 9, 2018

The GOP Conga Line To Nowhere!

By Jeff Simpson

As Capper pointed out recently, Wisconsin's favorite Married into money Senator, Ron Johnson spent Independence Day 2018 in Russia of all places. 

Apparently RoJo felt that he would rather hang at the Kremlin than with Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans at the Governor's mansion. 

It appears that RoJo may have made the right choice by seeing this:

Than this: 

Honestly no one really wants to see that.   Had RoJo been stuck in Wisconsin, he would have ended up as the Caboose on this Conga line, after too many Coors Lights, and had traumatic flashbacks to his middle school days in Minnesota. 

Who knows how that would have affected him and how much more we as taxpayers would have had to pay to cover his health insurance.  

We can skip over the zombie Scott Walker mindlessly leading a group of 6 flailing white people(amongst a bigger party) around aimlessly, and focus on Leah "unhinged" Vukmir, who is blindly following her leader into the abyss.  

Vukmir,  who will be spending the next week talking about how extreme Tammy Baldwin is, because Senator Bernie Sanders will be making a visit to Wisconsin to campaign with Senator Baldwin.   

If you want to see the perfect example of extreme, this is from an Independence Day parade: 
Nothing says I love my country, more than a grown man wearing American Flag footy jammies out in public.   I would guess if you are an adult wearing footy jammie, the TRUMP flag is an automatic accessory. 

We can not blame her, after listening to The Donald recently in Montana, I have no doubt that he spoke directly to Leah!
For those who can not stomach listening to The Donald or can not believe what you is the actual transcript!

Ahhh Nakita, it all comes back to The Donald and his love for Russia!  


  1. Typically childish; a series of ad hominem attacks devoid of argument.

  2. As Walker is a major enabler of Trump, they should be doing the limbo- "How low can you go!"