Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ryan Takes The Low Road Out Of Office

More than a year ago, Randy "Ironstache" Bryce introduced to himself to the world and announced that he was running to repeal and replace Lyin' Paul Ryan. The video quickly went viral and his campaign became a juggernaut.

As the gentle reader knows, he already repealed Ryan who announced his retirement rather than try to take on Bryce and his swelling grassroots campaign. In his stead, Ryan offered up his hand picked successor and clone, Lyin' Bryan Steil. In no time, it was apparent that Steil was faring no better than Ryan.

To bolster Steil's flailing and failing campaign, Ryan decided to have his super PAC launch $1.5 million dollars worth of attack ads. In two consecutive days, he's put out two such ads. The first ad tries to besmirch Bryce for 20 year old traffic tickets and a couple of recent arrests when Bryce was protesting Ryan's malicious agenda and standing up for DREAMers.

Ryan's second ad really bottoms out when he has Bryce's own brother expressing faux outrage at Bryce's "anti-police behaviors." This is a rather odd line of attack since Bryce's father was a cop and Bryce's brother is a cop. It's not surprising, though, that Bryce's brother would be a willing participant in this smear job. He is a Republican, has donated to both Ryan and Steil, and had even considered running against Randy himself but couldn't get any support from the Republicans.

Ryan really put his foot in it when he decided to air this ad. He got Momma Bryce very upset and everyone knows that there is nothing fiercer than a mother whose baby is being put in harm's way.

Randy's mom, Nancy, penned a letter and sent it to the media:

The mother of Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce said she was deeply hurt to see a Republican group launching an attack ad featuring Bryce's brother.

Nancy Bryce called for that ad, which is part of a massive $1.5 million media blitz by the Congressional Leadership Fund, to be taken off the air.

"I’m used to my sons getting into disagreements with each other — every mom is. And I understand that my boys see the world differently when it comes to politics," Nancy Bryce wrote in a letter provided to the Journal Sentinel by the Bryce campaign.

"There is now a group of people from Washington who consider it a good idea to pit my boys against each other for their own political gain. But they didn’t consider a mother’s pain at seeing her children used as tools in a political fight, splashed with millions of dollars of ads across the airwaves."
Mama Bryce also called for the ad to be taken off the airways.

Randy also replied to Ryan's smear job with his own ad, basically admitting that he had made mistakes and that he owned up to them:

This much honesty is unfathomable to Lyin' Ryan or Lyin' Bryan who haven't taken responsibility for anything in their miserable lives.

Seeing how Ryan is willing to put limitless money into this race, it is all the more important that we support Randy anyway we can. Please help, if you can.


  1. least his mother still loves him.

  2. "Lyin' Bryan"?
    And, pray tell, how has he never taken responsibility for anything in his "miserable" life?
    And why is his life miserable? Because he's a cop? Do you hate cops, too?

  3. OMG.... The comments are ridiculous. GOP should be ashamed. Lyin bRyan doesn't have a leg to stand on so they attack anyway they can. Family values party my ass.

  4. Donated to the Stache thanks for the link