Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Real Rebecca Shows Up

By Jeff Simpson

Only 50 days from the election and Rebecca Kleefisch has come out of hiding and still has not seen her shadow. 

  Many of us political junkies woke up to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch on Capital City Sunday and it was the most embarrassing eleven minute interview I have ever witnessed. 
Ms. Kleefisch sounded great if she was a junior telling the loca news team what great events that they had planned for homecoming week. 
Unfortunately, for the State of Wisconsin, she is one breath away from being our Governor.
That scares me.
Quick Question: When was the last time you heard anything about Rebecca Kleefisch?   
My answer:  When she held a closed door meeting with a bunch of Walker Donors and used the famous line:
We want to know how we can love you more,” Kleefisch told the group of about 30 executives, managers, accountants and others during the 1-hour, 40-minute session.  1/3/2014 
We know from the John Doe WalkerDocs that Scott Walker had nothing but disdain for Rebecca Kleefisch when she was running in her original primary.
On March 2, 2010, Rindfleisch wrote to Keith Gilkes, who was running Walker's gubernatorial campaign: "I'm REALLY beginning to dislike [Kleefisch]."
On March 16, Rindfleisch's "dislike" had turned to disgust. She wrote to a fellow campaigner for Davis: "She makes me sick."
Gilkes himself was no fan of Kleefisch. On June 30, he wrote to Rindfleisch: "We are not touching anything to do with Kleefisch -- she is radioactive and not worth the time. Brett should work on Mayor [David] Ross and turn it into a two person race to kick her ass."
On March 15, Kathleen Kiernan, who was associated with the Davis campaign, wrote: "YUK.... I cannot see how anyone can take this woman seriously."
Another woman working on Davis' campaign wrote: "tell you what, she could be a one-woman circus that's for sure!"
OUCH.    There is a reason why Scott Walker gives her no responsibility and keeps her in hiding until election season.  He can not stand her.   Now he is wishing she was still in hiding. 

Despite the pure hatred and derision coming from the Walker crew towards her, she still is throwing the little shreds of dignity she has left, to the wind to help Scott Walker.

Yes, she does have to do what Scott Walker says, if she wants to get re-elected and continue on her taxpayer excursion of no responsibility. 

However when she is allowed out, it does not bode well for her or him in election season. 

Rebeccaforreal, really stepped in it after that, because she decided to falsely attack her opposition on the ballot - Mandela Barnes.

   GLENDALE - GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on Monday accused her opponent of kneeling during the national anthem at a public event last month but said she did not see it herself and was unable to name any witnesses who did.
Kleefisch claimed the kneeling incident happened at the opening of the Wisconsin State Fair at a ceremony Kleefisch and Barnes attended. In an interview, Barnes denied it happened and said "the whole damn program would have stopped" if he had taken a knee at the event.
"I was around so many people. I was right next to the cameras," Barnes said. "This is too stupid to respond to."
Yes it is too stupid to respond to, but Barnes did anyway, and he could not have responded any better. 

"This is like me saying my neighbors saw her buying a tiki torch at Menards," Barnes said in a text message. 
That should have been the end of it, but Rebecca has not learned the age old advice of when you are in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

Instead Kleefisch put the cherry on top of the crow she keeps eating.

Yes the National Anthem is the antithesis of the tiki torch.  You sure got that one right!

Now Rebecca, my neighbors told me you were buying tiki torches...is that true? 

A couple final things.  

*  If Rebecca was truly surprised at the question that Emilee Fannon asked her about Mandela, that means that she is not allowed anywhere near the strategy sessions of the "Friends of Scott Walker".  

*  Will there be a debate between the two Lieutenant Governors this time?  Rebecca Kleefisch has ducked the prior three and it is time she met Mandela Barnes in a debate for the whole state to watch.   

Send them both a Tweet.  @Rebeccaforreal @theothermandela #RKdebatethistime  

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