Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jason Miller Embodies Republican Values

By Jeff Simpson

The tangled web that we weave. 

No one knew, when The Donald got into the Presidential race, with 16 other Republicans, that it would end up with David Dennison being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Part of the reason he won, because his team handled the daily press barrage well.  Two of the people most responsible for that was Jason Miller and AJ Delgado.

While these two helped The Donald overcome the odds, lack of intelligence, experience and morals to actually become The President.   Their story also could not be any more GOP, Washington DC, Politics, Donald Trump if Dinesh D'Souza had written it himself.

Miller and Delgado were working the campaign together and ended up getting involved.   While Miller was married at the time, he told Delgado that he and his wife were seperated. 

The two began dating in mid-October, Delgado said, adding that while she knew Miller was married, he told her at the time that he was separated from his wife. “Among other things, I was really drawn to his talent,” she told me. “He is the best at what he does.” 
Delgado though made a major mistake to live in this world(besides believing the lies), she got pregnant and refused to have an abortion. 

But just a couple of weeks after Election Day, Delgado discovered she was pregnant. She held off at first on sharing the news, unsure of how Miller would take it.
“I finally told him one night when we were in bed and I couldn’t fall asleep,” she said.
Miller reacted calmly, Delgado recalled, but came back with some complicating news of his own. “Well this is going to be extra awkward for me to handle,” she remembers him saying, “because my wife is expecting.”
Ahh yes, Miller meant separated at that moment.   Delgado learned the hard way, that women are second class citizens in the new Trumpian GOP, and once people found out she was pregnant from the affair, she was ostracized. 

Miller however was rewarded with the job of White House Communications Director.  Apparently getting two women pregnant at once was very impressive to the Donald.  Unfortunately, for Jason, Delgado took to social media to let everyone know and Miller was forced to resign.

CNN however, the subject of much ridicule and scorn from the Trump administration, was not scared to show us how Stockholm Syndrome actually works and gladly hired Miller on as an "analyst". 

But wait there is more.  There is always more. 

It turns out Miller always considers himself separated from his wife when he in on the road because in 2012, he got a stripper in Orlando Florida pregnant (apparently condoms are not allowed in Trumpian GOP) and welcomed that news by making his stripper mistress a smoothie one day with the main ingredient being an abortion pill(unbeknownst to his mistress).

Millers problem was solved as his mistress lost the baby and bled out and almost died herself.   That absolved Miller of having to tell his wife about the stripper and have yet another child with his genes he refused to help pay for. 

It also allowed Miller to continue working Republican Communications to help get "pro-life" candidates elected.

God Bless America! 

But wait there is even more.... Miller, after he was forced out of CNN, was then hired as Managing Director of TENEO Holdings.  In case you do not know(and why would you), Teneo holdings was founded by Doug Band and Declan Kelly.  Both of these men are good friends of the Clintons and Band was actually Bill Clintons chief advisor for 9 years. 

It is a big club and you are not in it...but you do pay dearly for the dues. 

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