Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scott Walker Risque Past

By Jeff Simpson

Before we begin, let us start with the phrase that Scott Walker opened his campaign with.
"we’ve done positive things for the people of WI and we have an optimistic vision for the future."
Captain Positive has an optimistic vision for the future but he can not seem to stop obsessing over porn.  Luckily, for Scott Walker, the media continues to obsess over it also and continues pushing the story like there are two sides to it that are open to interpretation.

However, let's look at the actual facts of the case(Via our friend Heather):

I've had a lot of questions about this and thought I would just make shareable what I know. Happy to answer additional questions and welcome insights from others more familiar with the case.
In 2010 a Middleton teacher was found to have received and shared racy emails at school. These are called "porn" in the ads and in the press and were totally inappropriate (as was his showing them to a female colleague), but I reviewed the files a few years ago when Tony was running for reelection and none of what I saw was what you would call hardcore porn (or what people are probably thinking of when they hear a teacher was watching porn at school). It was a lot of forwarded emails - very inappropriate, sexually explicit and sexist "jokes" and graphics (not funny, dude). The teacher was removed by the board and his union fought the decision; an arbitrator was brought in and sided with the teacher. The district objected to the decision and the case went all the way to the State Supreme Court, which in 2014 refused to take up the district's case, and he kept his job.
MEANWHILE, the district had asked DPI for guidance and was upset that legally there wasn't much DPI/Tony Evers could do. In the year that followed, Tony Evers was instrumental in changing state law so that DPI COULD revoke the license of a teacher in instances involving pornography. By 2011, the law was changed.
BUT in 2014 when the case made headlines again b/c of the Supreme Court case, Walker called on Evers to revoke the license, which of course DPI could not legally do b/c the case occurred before the law had been changed.
So this case has been used by Evers' political opponents in every race against him since 2010, and Politifact keeps calling foul on everyone who tries to use it against him.
In short: the Superintendent of Public Instruction did his job as allowed and required by law, and was succesful in changing that law to allow him to do his job better, and the Governor is grasping for straws and playing to people's emotions and disparaging views of educators with a grossly misleading ad campaign, because when you run against a squeaky-clean opponent, you try to find people near him who look muddy.
 We know now, that captain positive, is smearing Tony Evers for something that Tony had nothing to do with, and no power whatsoever to change.  Who knew that dishonesty was so positive?

As you know from reading CogDis, there is more, there is always more, and when it involves Scott Walker it is never good. 

First, we need to go back to Scott Walker's past where we check in on his right hand man and good friend Tim Russell:
Tim Russell, was behind the secret router, stole lots of money from a veterans group, and was busted with his partner in a van trying to lure a 17 year old boy in.  Russell never lost his access to Walker until he went to prison.  In return, Walker never once tweeted about Russell's illegal escapades. 

Next of course, is former @wisgop Assembly leader Wild Bill Kramer.  If you remember, Kramer was the serial sexual assaulter who every one knew was drunken trouble but no one said anything about it.   No one wanted to bring bad news to a Republican take-over of WI and it subjected countless women to not being safe at Republican drunk fests.  Senator Ron Johnson knew and did absolutely nothing to protect these women and even one of his staffers.  I have added up the number of tweets that Scott Walker sent, outraged over this predator and have come up with none.

Scott Walkers sudden bit of caring for Wisconsin children starts and ends in Middleton.  Walker is in charge of the mess at the Lincoln Hill Boys School, and he has authorized thousands of dollars in payments to guards who abused Wisconsin kids.  Scott Walker's response:

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he sees "no value" in visiting the Wisconsin prisons that he runs and that cost taxpayers more than $1 billion a year. 
Then there is the 2014 State of the State address, where Scott Walker brought a Wisconsin worker out to showcase someone who had turned a seasonal job into a full time welding job.

 Christopher Barber was one of several people mentioned by Walker in his remarks as examples of "people hired since I took office" and who represent "the faces of an improving economy."
Christopher Barber is also:
The Journal Sentinel reports: "Records show that he is a registered sex offender with two felonies and three drunken-driving offenses. Because of his checkered past, Barber has been in and out of jail and prison for much of the past decade, with his probation having been revoked at least twice."
Who can ever forget his love of this serial sexual assaulter either:

Now back to the Middleton case.   Scott Walker is so upset about the case, and wants to protect the children in our state so badly,  that he sent this flyer and blanketed television with a TV ad that included this:

Yes there is Mr. Positive blanketing everywhere with "Blow Job". 

So Classy.

But wait there is more.  Walker also came up with this commercial where he focuses on middle school girls breasts.

Scott Walker is not fit to be trusted with our state again. 

Vote Evers/Mandela

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