Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Republican Post Election Propaganda

By Jeff Simpson

Propaganda, coming from the Government, is something that has a long sordid past in our world.  The Holocaust Museum reminds us that the Nazis used it very effectively.

Propaganda. The word conjures up images of lies, manipulation, and brainwashing. Even in democratic societies with guarantees of freedom of expression, fears of mass manipulation by government, the media, and spin doctors are widespread. During the 1930s and 40s, the Nazi Party used posters, newspapers, rallies, and the new technologies of radio and film to sway millions both with their vision for a new Germany and with frightening images of state enemies.
Propagandists promoted indifference toward the persecution of neighbors, and tried to incite ordinary men to carry out mass violence. Ultimately Nazi Germany provoked a war that cost the lives of some 55 million people, including 6 million Jewish men, women, and children. The legacy of Nazi propaganda lives on in recent incitements to mass hatred and violence.

In America, we have used Government Propaganda to sway opinions, here and elsewhere,  as long as there have been wars.   

In the era of information, nothing has changed.  Especially in Wisconsin where we were gerrymandered into a far right takeover of the state.

Since Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald have picked their own voters, now they want to make sure that you believe what they tell you to believe. 

This ad recently showed up on

Wisconsin Legislature Videographer

Job Announcement Code(s): 19-00062
County(ies): Dane
Classification Title: / JAC: 
Job Working Title: Unknown 19-00062     Videographer
Type of Employment:  Full Time (40 hrs/week)
The salary range for this position is $37,128 - $68,064 per year. Starting salary is dependent upon experience and education. In addition, this position receives the same fringe benefits available to other State of Wisconsin employees. For more information related to benefits, please see:
Assembly Republican Careers; Email:
Bargaining Unit: Non-Represented
Area of Competition: Open
Deadline to Apply:  1/14/2019

Position Summary: 
The Wisconsin State Legislature is currently hiring a Videographer to work for the Assembly Republican Caucus in Madison. Duties for the position include, but are not limited to:
Creating stories, shooting footage, and editing videos to create a final product for caucus members;
Assisting with the writing and production of videos for the caucus and individual members;
Travelling to video shoot locations if necessary;
Managing all television and radio production functions for Assembly Republicans;
Maintaining a YouTube site; and,
Live streaming press conferences.
(Equipment for the position is provided.)
Qualified individuals will possess the following skills, knowledge and abilities:
Effective written and oral communication skills;
Excellent organizational skills;
Creativity in writing, reporting, and editing;
Demonstrated storytelling abilities;
Comfort with shooting on several types of cameras;
In-depth knowledge of video production and editing;
Working knowledge of video distribution and website development;
Ability to stay up-to-date with industry standards and trends;
Ability to perform multiple tasks with efficiency and accuracy within assigned deadlines;
Ability to work both independently and cooperatively, while exercising professional judgment at all times;
Experience using video to impact social media; and,
Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite.
How To Apply: 
Please send a resume, cover letter, and links to video creations demonstrating how you meet the qualifications of the position above to:

It is funny that it is billed as a "legislature" videographer but you have to apply to Robin Vos.   It is also not the least bit surprising, that the small government wonders, would create a non union position.

Be Ready Wisconsin, Robin Vos and Jim Steineke have hearts and minds to change before 2020, and what better way than taxpayer funded propaganda?   

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  1. $850,000 to defend illegaland secret redistricting.

    A few hundred thousand to hire extra staffers.

    $65,000+ benefits for this propaganda outfit.

    "Fiscal conservatism", Robbin' Vos style.