Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wiggy Wonders What To Do With Himself

By Jeff Simpson

Once again, it is time to check in with the Bizarro Blogger on the Right.  Jimmy Wigderson, the person the racist extremist Charlie Sykes willed White Wisconsin too, when he decided to leave his extremist hate filled ways behind and pretend that he had no hand in the rise of the white trash racism that has taken over our country. 

Wiggy, in the wake of the GOP finally(after being re-elected 9 times) figuring out that Iowa Rep. Steve King is a raving, lunatic racist

There is a line, one that far-right politicians know they must not cross.
Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, once described undocumented Mexican immigrants as drug mules and likened them to dogs. He supported the end of birthright citizenship and has repeatedly lamented the declining white birth rate. He praised the books and amplified the tweets of neo-Nazis. All along the way, King got the endorsement of Iowa voters in his district, who returned him to Congress every two years since 2003. He received occasional criticism from Republicans insistent that King’s ideas were not their own, while some Democrats said his public comments revealed a bigoted streak, an affinity for white nationalists and an eagerness to make America a less equal place.
All of his previous actions withstanding, it took one simple question by King to pull the curtain back:

 Why was this one moment in the political life of King too much, too far, too outrageous? King’s comment — “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” he told The New York Times — was lacking in all plausible deniability and nuance, devoid of the high and low pitch tones calibrated for certain ears, experts say. It was an endorsement of white supremacy in the form of a rhetorical question. And it came at a time when King’s Republican Party is struggling with its political prospects.“King is not alone in his ideas, not his ideas on immigration, not his ideas about policy,” said Nell Irvin Painter, professor of history at Princeton University and author of “The History of White People.” “But, he is a fairly unusual character, today, in how obvious he is with his racism. The president operates on the side of euphemism, just this side of euphemism, whereas Steve King has used the actual language of white supremacy, the actual words with an endorsement.”

Now to the irony of the situation, apparently Wiggy had a "meeting" planning the "future" of White Wisconsin.   In layman's terms. the Bradley folks told them they cant be paying them to write such BS and get their ass kicked in elections like just happened.   Wingnut welfare only goes so far. 

The question that came out from these meetings was this:

  An easy question should be, what do we do about the racists in our midst? 
As you heard here first in September, no one is more of a racist than Mr. White Wisconsin himself - James Wigderson.  He who called all of the student athletes in the Milwaukee Public School System "little convicts" is asking what should be done with racists in their midst.   

As we have also pointed out, if you could sell the irony that Wisconsin Republicans put out on a daily basis we could actually afford to pay Foxconn what Walker promised them. 

In the meantime, a quick answer to Wiggy's burning question is simple. 

Get rid of the racist editor of Right Wisconsin and put it in the hands of someone who is logical, intelligent and open minded(good luck finding someone).   Then you can have some credibility when talking about the Steve King's of the world. 

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