Tuesday, January 1, 2019

When Lame Ducks Attack!!

Unemployed Scott Walker (ask me how much I love saying that!) is trying and failing - to remain relevant after his defeat in the midterm elections. This was evidenced by one of the most absurd, poorly thought out tweets that he has ever made:

The absurdity of this line of attack is apparent on many levels.

As Alternet.org points out, Warren easily won her reelection bid while Walker is begging conservative stink tanks for a job:
Walker’s criticism of Warren as “out-of-touch” is more than a little rich given that Warren just won re-election by 24 points, whereas Walker lost his bid for a third term to superintendent of public instruction Tony Evers.

If any politician could be characterized as “out-of-touch,” it would be a politician like Walker, who runs on a conservative agenda, loses, and then on his way out the door signs a bunch of lame-duck bills stripping his incoming, liberal successor of several executive powers. Or maybe it’s one of the large number of Republicans, including Walker, who tried and failed to convince their party in the 2016 presidential primary that they were a better choice than Donald Trump. It’s not Warren, a senator who has spent her career advocating for working people over Wall Street, and who helped design a pro-consumer federal agency that 74 percent of voters support.
Ed Heinzelman at Blogging Blue also points out some of the absurdities:
I would like to remind Governor Walker that the clumsy hand of government gave us the tax payer giveaways to Foxconn and Kimberly-Clark, hobbled 21st C rail travel in WI, and removed authority and power from the incoming governor that he himself enjoyed the past eight years.

P.S. essentially Scott Walker has never worked in the private sector having been in public office since his first election victory at age 22. Who might be the one out of touch?
Indeed, the lame duck weasel Walker has been a professional politician for nearly three full decades. It seems to me that he's done alright for himself, thanks to the government.

But wait, there's more! With all things Walker, there's always more.

Walker attacking Warren for being a "liberal law professor" had me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off. This is hilarious because Walker never graduated from college, much less taught in a university. I would remind the gentle reader that Walker didn't drop out of school, but was kicked out because of his unethical conduct during an election for school president.

One would think Walker should be spending his time trying to find a job and a homeless shelter that will take in his family instead of constantly proving himself to be a fool. We already knew that beyond a doubt.

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