Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Scott Walker Doesn't Even Believe His Own Bullsh*t!

As I just mentioned in this post, Scott Walker was ripping on Elizabeth Warren and touting the virtues of hard work:

Now, Walker has a chance to practice what he preaches as that he will be out of work in less than a week.

This is certainly a challenge for Walker, who is uneducated and has no practical work skills, having been a career politician all his adult life. But there are some jobs that he could still do and prove his point.

He claims he worked at a McDonald's as a kid.  He could always go back to the fast food industry.

Walker is also pretty handy with a shovel.  He could become a ditch digger.  Now that's hard work!

And if Walker really wants to work hard, he could become a construction worker like he was for Foxconn:

So just how does Walker plan on demonstrating the virtues of hard work?  He told us in an email he sent out on New Year's Day:
In 2019, Tonette and I will move on to new and exciting opportunities to serve. Our home will remain in Wisconsin but we will broaden our scope with an additional focus on returning power to the people in the states – from a federal government grown out-of-control. That is the best way to Drain the Swamp on a permanent basis.

We will focus on new methods to articulate a conservative message. True freedom and prosperity do not come from the clumsy hand of the government. They come from the dignity that is born of hard work. Socialism has failed around the world – now is not the time to bring it to America.

And we will focus on reforming the tax code and lowering the tax burden on hard-working people. Time and time again the facts show that places that free up capital have greater prosperity and opportunity for their citizens.

To do all of this, we will be involved with a number of excellent organizations. Along the way, I will also be part of a speakers bureau – so be sure to consider requesting me for meetings, conferences, and other events across the nation. It will be nice to be based in Wisconsin but also to be able to see so many of our wonderful friends and supporters around the country.
In other words, he's going to be a paid speaking meat puppet for the dark money special interest groups, a lot like he's doing now, but with even less responsibilities!

That's not exactly the hard work that he's been extolling now, is it?  In other words, he doesn't even believe  the bullshit he wants to get paid for shoveling.

Senator Tammy Baldwin also shreds him for even more hypocrisy:

Given the horrible work laws he pushed for and passed into law, it's not really any surprise that Walker doesn't want to be worker in his own state.


  1. Jeff,
    This entire blog post is doing nothing but trying and not succeeding at attacking the character of Scott Walker. You're acting like a partisan hack, is that really what you want others to think of you?

    I really don't think Scott Walker isn't done in the political arena yet.

    1. Why are you talking to Jeff? I wrote the post. Or are you as illiterate as Walker?

    2. capper wrote, "Why are you talking to Jeff? I wrote the post. Or are you as illiterate as Walker?"

      Stop being an egotistical ass capper.

      So remove the "Jeff," and put in "Capper," it doesn't change the content one bit.

  2. 6 My only regret is that I didnt write it...Although the incompetence and failings of Walker as a human being kind of write themselves so not sure what you take umbrage with....

    The only problem i can see if scotty begging for work while he is still employed which i would think would be illegal but since we no longer have laws in wi I am sure nothing will happen

  3. Jeff Simpson wrote, "...the incompetence and failings of Walker as a human being..."

    That personal attack on Walker is about as hate filled as you can get - hate speech.

  4. Replies
    1. Jeff Simpson wrote, "...the incompetence and failings of Walker as a human being..."

      Jeff Simpson wrote, "or fact speech ....."

      So Walker is a "incompetent human being"?

      So Walker is a "failed human being"?

      You think those are "facts"?

      You have some rather strange ideas of what a "fact" is.

      Plus, you claiming that those are "facts" is actual libelous.

  5. Maybe our Thrice-Elected Governor should chug a beer in her kitchen like Elizabeth "Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas" Warren did.

    That surely resonated with prospective voters, am I right?

    Anywho, I have some...um...reservations about her going down this warpath, she speaks with forked tongue.

    What are the chances she'll actually make it til Super Tuesday...about 1/1024th?


    Ah Lefty; so MUCH imbecility, so little time!

    The Gotch