Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holloway, Coggs Take A Page From Walker's Playbook

The thing is, they are only trying to build up this year's surplus to apply it to next year's disaster of a budget:

Milwaukee County Board chairman Lee Holloway and Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs are sponsoring a resolution that would implement a mandatory furlough program to address the projected 2009 Milwaukee County budget deficit.

“Rather than impose reduced daily work hours proposed by the county executive, we believe that a modified furlough plan calling for four days of unpaid leave will achieve the desired fiscal results while minimizing disruption to members of the public and county employees,” Holloway said.

The furloughs would result in an estimated net savings of $1.6 million, Holloway said.

The furlough days outlined in the resolution are spread across four pay periods to reduce the wage impact on employees, he said.

The furloughs would occur on Nov. 13 and 25, and Dec. 4 and 24.

“We are also encouraging full-day closures of as many county offices as possible on these days,” said Coggs, chairwoman of the county board’s finance and audit committee. “By closing offices on four business days, we will see energy savings on top of the savings on personnel costs.”

The finance and audit committee will consider the resolution Friday and could send it to the full County Board Oct. 14.

Call your County Board Supervisor and tell them to stop funding Walker's campaign on the backs of our citizens and our workers.

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  1. What the hell is your alternative to finish this year in the black?

    The fact that the board is acknowledging the necessity of this action ought to tell you something.