Monday, October 26, 2009

I Detect A Pattern

Last year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel chose to part ways with many of their key reporters and staffers like Stuart Carlson. A few months later, the paper continued to hemorrhage money.

A couple of months ago, they let go of many more of their better staffers, but keep Patrick McIlheran. They also allow Steve Smith to have a greater influence on their editorials and news coverage.

The result is predictable. They lose another 20% of their circulation.

At this rate, they will be out of the print business in the next year or two.


  1. Of course, if you didn't have such a myopic view, then you'd see a pattern in almost every local newspaper in this nation.

    Correlation does not equal Causation

  2. Nick,

    Not always.


    No, just Steve Smith, who is, of course, a Walker backer.

  3. Only Capper can see Steve Schultze as a Walker supporter.

  4. Then how do you explain his errors, which always seem to fall in Walker's favor?

  5. The thing that makes me most saddened about the Urinal Sentinels demise is that among their staff are some excellent writers who unfortunately are being dragged down by their counterparts untruthful and biased stories and editorials. John Diedrich is an honest and truthful reporter and John Gurda's historical articles are to me the only stories from the Journal Sentinel that should ever have been considered for a Pulitzer Prize. In fact John Gurda's articles should be included as part of a history curriculum for all Milwaukee County schools whether public or private. Bob McGinn is an outstanding sports reporter whereas Micheal Hunt is the equivalent of Bozo the clown reporting on sports. Unfortunately their bogus local news reporting has caused me to end my association with this newspaper and that's a shame considering the quality of some of the writers I mention.

  6. Capper,

    Do you have a memory problem? Schultze is a liberal. He was banned by the Thompson administration for partisan reporting. He was caught plotting with the Doyle Administration against Walker in the Call Center takeover. I believe the Doyle Administration referred to Schultze as a "reporter sympathetic to their cause."

    You are so partisan, you cannot read straight.

  7. No, arod, you're problem is that I can read straight, and saw right through the right wing rhetoric to the part where Schultze went running to Walker with the news.

  8. What part of "a reporter sympathetic to our cause" do you not understand?