Sunday, October 4, 2009

Violence Erupts At Pro-Milwaukee County Rally

The story is up at Milwaukee County First. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the video from Fox6Milwaukee up on that site. I will repost the piece here with video embedded:

There was a good turn out at the pro-Milwaukee County rally today which was held by AFSCME and Milwaukee County First.

The vast majority of rally-goers were union people, but there were also disabled and elderly people concerned about losing their services, and subsequently, their ability to live in the community.

For the most part, things were uneventful, with the exception of some heckling between CRG people and the union people.

Staff at Serb Hall had made certain requests of the rally goers, which were readily complied with. The requests were to just keep it on the sidewalk and let cars pass when they needed to. We left two out of three entrances open, and when someone wanted to use the third, the line stopped to let the vehicle(s) through.

Unfortunately, things turned ugly.

There were two men from the CRG crowd that were obviously intent on causing mischief.

One gentleman, in his late thirties or early forties, went around screaming at people, and bumping into them intentionally. One of the people he screamed at was wearing hearing aids. That person had to take the hearing aid out, because the loud yelling shorted it out, and it wouldn’t stop humming.

The other man, more advanced in age, decided to walk down the middle of the two picket lines, throwing his shoulder into anyone he could, including myself. Then he decided to station himself near the sidewalk and yell obscene things at the rally goers. When one of the AFSCME District Counsel officials told him to just go inside, things turned unnecessarily violent, as can be seen in this video from Fox6Milwaukee:

As you can see, the Walker supporter was clearly the aggressor. As the news story indicates, the police were called and responded quickly. They looked throughout the building for him, but could not find him.

If you recognize this hooligan, please call the Milwaukee Police Department at (414) 933-4444.


  1. One reason CRG is so hostile is because they believe Walker's lies. He was quoted on Fox News saying that all he was asking for is a 3% pay cut. He did not mention the furloughs, health insurance, pension contributions and layoffs. Every employee I know is more concerned with the proposed layoffs and loss of services to the county than a pay cut.

  2. I hope they nab this s.o.b. I'm all for being able to get your "loud n proud" on if you want to, but some jag get'n pushy and abusivly loud needs to have his a## thrown in the clink!
    Something I'm dissapointed in is the right sides (encluding the radio folks) "poo pooing" of what happened.
    "silence of the left when this happens to the right" is a chicken sh## excuse for not calling what happened wrong.
    Hmmm, oh wait, didn't some on the left at least put out some sort of "if this is true" bit of condemnation then?
    Sheesh, at least thay said SOMETHING!!!
    For the record - I say tis guy needs to be hung out to dry and whatever charges can be found put to this trash (and heck yes that includes "inhancers"!)
    Again, I'm all about speak'n your piece, but you lay a hand on someone, you need to go down.

  3. The Chanel 58 video clearly shows one of Capper's union thug pals swinging a sign.

    The other man reacted to that.

    Yes, the union goons who were yelling at little old ladies started this.

  4. Rabbit, are you defending the thugs who got up in this mans face?

    They instigated, you can not ignore their actions.

  5. The Channel 58 video shows the man ready to hit the aggressor over the head only after the aggressor shoved the woman and pushed him over the bushes...and he didn't even hit him which you can see in the Fox6News video.'s obvious we cannot count on the conservatives to be honest about what happened...just like with what happened at the tea party a couple of weeks ago.

    As far as instigating...the protesters were well within their rights to be picketing...if the man didn't like what they were saying he should have gone inside like they were suggesting. But...instead he decided to shove a woman...what a big tough guy!

    Kudos to the woman that was shoved by the Walker supporter/aggressor...she kept her composure and was able to articulate quite well to Fox6News why people like this Walker supporter/aggressor need to act out so stupidly.

  6. Anon 1 - Ummm, I'm having trouble seeing just where in my comment I'm "defending" anyone. Nope, Just not seeing it. .
    ..I guess if your a "he started it" kind of person than "they instigated" it might work for you as far as excuses go.
    I was raised to believe that I have a choice in how I respond to idiots, and that whatever choice I made, I was responsible for.
    I can pretty much guarantee I agree with the folks INSIDE this love fest. And I can also guarantee that the dipsh## that did the shoving needs to be punished fully, harshly, and immediately seeing as he has a hard time sharing the sidewalk with people he disagrees with.
    Yah, Loser needs to be held responsible. matter WHO may have hurt his feelings...
    And I can guarantee you, if he had laid a hand on Lady, I would be the one in jail, with NO excuses.

  7. Fox6 is just reporting that police have caught the miscreant who "bravely" stood up for taxpayers and shoved the woman into the bush.

  8. He shoved the husband (of the woman he shoved) into the bush. The coward didn't even come forward on his own...a person who recognized him called the police to let them know his identity.

    Probably his wife...or daughter...because you know they must be so proud of him!

  9. I have the feeling his wife and/or daughter would be afraid to turn him in...if he's willing to assault a woman he doesn't know, over taxes, he probably keeps his women in line at home, too.