Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someone Had To Do It

It might as well as be me:

Vikings 30 Packers 23

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  1. By the end of the game I was cheering for Favre too! :)

  2. As long as he's on the 'queens,he'll get no cheering from me. I was amazed that even though Rogers was hit so many times that he still managed a QB rating of 110. Remember the 3-13 season, or was it 4-12? Favre was getting blasted right and left. I remember many a Packer fan calling for Favre to be benched or traded. I stood by him then, but not playing for the 'queens. The 'queens have the better team, however. For that, Thompson will have to answer. The Packs O line sucks, not much of a running game, D line offered little pressure, and where the hell were the blitze's? Also, how can you expect to win with so many stupid penalties?! If the 'queens continue to give him that kind of protection, they'll go far into the playoffs.

  3. Speaking of stupid penalties, when did "taunting" become one? I remember when they made the Mark Gastineau-sack-styings and then the "Fun Bunch" illegal, but I must have missed the implementation of the taunting rule.

  4. Bill-

    Sports talk radio is complaining about why Thompson is always trying to do things on the cheap. Reminds me of you-know-who.


    They started that years ago. That's why NFL stands for No Fun League.