Monday, October 5, 2009

CRG Thug Found And Cited

Last night, I told you about how some thug from the CRG rally came out to harass the pro-union and pro-Milwaukee County demonstrators, trying to cause trouble and looking to pick a fight. He ended up assaulting a number of people before culminating in pushing a woman down and throwing her husband into some bushes.

The good news is that Fox6Milwaukee is now reporting that the man has been turned in and cited with Assault and Battery and Disorderly Conduct for attacking the union couple. The thug was such a coward that he had to be turned in by others, instead of standing up like a man and admitting he did wrong. Here is the video from Fox6Milwaukee:

ADDENDUM: In reviewing other video, including the one on Channel 58, a woman comes up behind the thug and puts something in his hand. It looks like a tape recorder to me. Then, just before he attacks the union fellow, he puts the object in his right front pocket. Was this an attempt by CRG and/or Scott Walker's campaign (but I repeat myself) to try to set up the unions.

The right wingers and Walker-backers have been so desperate to try to spin this into something other than what it was, have even gone to the extent of just outright lying, saying the man was the victim. But if the gentle reader will recall, here is what I wrote last night:
The other man, more advanced in age, decided to walk down the middle of the two picket lines, throwing his shoulder into anyone he could, including myself. Then he decided to station himself near the sidewalk and yell obscene things at the rally goers. When one of the AFSCME District Counsel officials told him to just go inside, things turned unnecessarily violent...
They have also brought up some mysterious elderly lady that felt intimidated and afraid to go past the line. However, as I pointed out, the rally-goers left two of three entrances wide open. And if you watch the video from last night, you will notice the line at a stand still and then slowly starting up again. We did that every time a car wanted to enter or leave.

On a side note, Fox6Milwaukee also posted the raw footage from yesterdays act of violence by the CRG man. At the very beginning, and I do mean very beginning, you will see this man, wearing the blue shirt, in the background:

That man in the background, wearing the blue shirt, is none other than Tim Russell. Who is Tim Russell? Well, he is the former Walker campaign staffer, the former Director of Economic Development under Walker and current Assistant Chief of Staff for Walker.

I don't know that he had anything to do with the incident, but his appearance at that moment and the look on his face is something, isn't it? In fairness, if you watch the video, you can see him escorting Supervisor Paul Cesarz into the building, but then Russell lingers in the doorway.


  1.'s only a matter of time the name of the Walker-thug/supporter is reported...and then the dots can be connected...if there are any dots to be connected. you know what's that sticker he has on his shirt?

  2. It's a Scott Walker sticker.

    But I have to add an addendum. I just noticed something more disturbing.

  3. Yeah...I noticed that too. I was going to ask you what that was but I figured it was a camera. It's looking more and more like this Walker-thug/supporter was out there to provoke and when it didn't work out his way because the union people stayed on message he got pissed and shoved a woman and pushed a man over the bush. You should check around to see if anyone has a video of the woman who handed off the tape recorder to the Walker-thug/supporter.

  4. "Was this an attempt by CRG and/or Scott Walker's campaign (but I repeat myself) to try to set up the unions."

    Since we are playing with conspiracy theories, perhaps its a union thug/supporter taking a Scott Walker sticker then starting trouble to set up the walker campagin?

  5. Actually, after watching the video it appears that it is that there are two bunches of morons both trying to convince everyone that their opponent is the bigger moron.

    Seriously, their pressing charges? It looks from the video that there was pushing from both sides. In other words, they could also be charged with assualt and battery. But you tend to get cut when you throw stones from a glass house.

  6. If you want a conspiracy theory, perhaps the aggressor was in the mindset that the union chap stole his favorite pair of Packer Zubaz, and was trying to get them back.

    If you scroll up to the other video I posted, you can see the Walker backer trying to instigate things earlier as well.

    The first push was against the man's wife, when the man confronted the subject, the subject then used unnecessary force. The citations are sound.