Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pro-Walker Site Resorts To Flat Out Lies, Just Like Their Candidate

The site of pro-Walker groupies,, have started to resemble their favorite candidate. They both are telling shameless lies and/or have no clue to what the truth is.

Example A:

In one of their posts from today, they try to trot out the same tired and ineffective defense against Walker's continuous and ongoing flip-flopping regarding the stimulus package that every other Walkerophile has tried, and failed, to use effectively. They cite an editorial they claim was written in January 2009, but they don't provide a link to verify it.

No matter. What they claim is Walker's consistent approach to the stimulus is easily refuted. First of all, there is the editorial piece that Walker penned and had published in the Wall Street Journal in February. It is in direct contrast to what the Walkerophiles are claiming.

Secondly, if one looks at Walker's current budget proposal, he is touting the stimulus dollars that the County Board had to pursue, due to his obstructionism and ideological myopia, you will see that he touts many stimulus-funded expenditures that don't line up with what his "three conditions" were. That is, on the days he had conditions.

Example B:

The Walkerophiles have a second post up, trying to paint my union, AFSCME District Council 48, in a bad light. They do this by citing a news article that shows AFSCME DC 40, which represents, among others, the workers in Dane County.

But if one just bothers to look at the news piece, one will see some key facts that I am sure they hope the reader glosses over (emphasis mine):

The tentative agreement with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local covers five of the county's nine bargaining units and more than 60 percent of the represented workforce.
Under the deal, workers would accept a 3 percent pay cut, a no-layoff pledge, and eight days off.

Four unions remain in contract discussions, including the union that represents sheriff's deputies.

"We are bargaining with deputies as well. Things are going well and I hope to reach an agreement with them," said Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk. "Other counties facing the same fiscal problems we are are either ending up in lawsuits in court or aren't getting the job done, and thanks to our unions here and the good faith at the table we're saving taxpayers almost $5 million."
The emphasized sections shows what someone with leadership skills can do. Now compare and contrast that with what is going on between my union and Walker (emphasis theirs):
...On this same date, the County Executive introduced his budget to the full Board, calling for wide-spread privatization of our jobs, massive layoffs, and a series of take-aways. Included in these take-aways was a 3% reduction in wages, a termination of step increases, a major increase in the cost-sharing of health insurance premiums, a mandatory 5% contribution from employees to their pensions, and a modification in overtime pay to eliminate the provision for overtime after 8 hours a day and only include overtime after 40 hours a week. What made these proposals more outrageous was the fact that they have never been proposed to the UNION across the table. This is like negotiating the purchase of a house only to find out at the closing that the seller is demanding you pay for their moving company, their first month’s mortgage payment at the seller’s new residence, and that after the closing you can only occupy the first floor until the seller decides it is okay to use the basement and second floor of the home you now own.
There are some amazing differences.
  • Falk is not trying to balance her entire budget on the backs of a few thousand people like Walker is doing.
  • Falk is only asking for a 3% pay cut, not 15 or 16% like Walker is.
  • Falk was following good faith bargaining practices. Walker refused to sit at the table for over 18 months, and then tried to illegally negotiate the contract through his budget and the media.
  • Walker would never agree to a no lay off clause, since his budget calls for the lay off of 400 workers.
  • Falk understands that contract negotiations are a matter of give and take. She takes the pay cut, but gives a no lay off guarantee. Walker doesn't understand that simple fact of life.
The one things that the Walkerophiles did get right is one of the big differences is Falk isn't running for governor, much less trying to do it with only the support of the extreme right. Instead, she is putting her community first. That is something Walker has never done.


  1. this never has been and never will be walkers community.he has been trying to get out of this job from the day he started.he doesn,t give a flying ---- what happens to milwaukee county and it shows more every year.

  2. So.

    Do you have ANY candidate yet?

  3. so? iwant a county exec.that wants to be county exec. and cares about milwaukee county not moving up the the career

  4. Yeah, Daddio, and the name isn't Walker or Neumann or Michels.