Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Is How They Define Classy?

The Badger Bully Boyz are back to reaching for new lows.

It wasn't bad enough when it was shown that they are the hangout for sock-puppeteers.

They further sully their own reputations with this posting by Roland Melnick. Melnick thinks it is great sport mocking a guy who was assaulted while trying to defend his wife who was also assaulted:
Badger Blogger: Did you achieve your goals for this event?
Bill the shovee: Absolutely…the media focused on me going face first into a bush…which kinda hurt, but, you know…I’m down for the cause…my personal safety is a distant second to our cause. We’re even planning a sit-in/sleepover in a vacant Lee Holloway rental property to raise awareness in Milwaukee.
“John” the shover: Absolutely not…the media focused on me throwing him face first into a bush. Any money I would potentially save if Scott Walker’s budget were to pass will now go toward paying my citations.
Apparently, a woman being assaulted is not nearly as important as saving a whopping $10 on next years tax bill or taking a cheap shot for their political candidate of choice.

For the record, it was already shown that the assailant was looking to stir up trouble.

The kind of behavior is not unusual for that crowd, and it reminds me of another infamous local "celebrity" that got in for suall sorts of hot water for such crude behavior.

Of course, this kind of behavior from these kinds of people is nothing new at all.

But if this is what they consider to be classy, and they don't like me, well, I am perfectly fine with that.

Oh, and cue the sockpuppets in 3....2....1....


  1. Sounds like Folkbum has sockpuppets as well.

  2. I know that there was at least one case of that over there.

  3. The funniest part is the first comment on the blog sited, which enacts the Bush doctrine ( um, Sarah, that means that the thug threw the guy down because he thought the guy was going to maybe do something to him )in defense of the fat boy/thug.

  4. There is a lot to say on this subject. The sockpuppets are unreal over there...and have IMO diminished the credibility of the blog. Most bloggers make an effort to keep sockpuppets at bay and when they do appear they will delete their comments. They don't give sockpuppets a safe haven to post as imposters of other bloggers...and then pass the fake comments made by the imposter/sockpuppet along to the likes of Charlie Sykes. Everything about that situation smacks of desperation...and immaturity.

    I don't even know if it's worth commenting on Mr. Melnick's blog post. I think most reasonable/normal people understand there is nothing funny about a man pushing/shoving/getting in the face of a woman. I'm sure had that been Mr. Melnick's wife being assaulted his blog post would have taken on a different tone.

  5. Assault? Where was that? I've heard versions of that story that the "bully" was hit in the head with a union sign, which led to him grabbing it, which led to a tug-o-war over the sign, which led to the woman trying to separate them, which led to the "bully" pushing her, which led to old Mollenhauer getting in his face, which led to old Mollenhauer getting pushed into a bush.

    Were you not so dense, capper, you'd see that I mocked the shover and the shovee. Did the "bully" go looking for trouble? Probably...and he'll have to answer for it before a municipal judge. He lost his control and gave you guys what you wanted...some air time and a distraction from the legitimate agenda being discussed that day.

    I don't have any sympathy for old Mollenhauer and gang when they go to an event looking to start trouble and end up finding it.

    In his complaint to the police, I'm sure old Mollenhauer played up his victimhood better than Rodney Dangerfield's Al Czervik in the movie Caddyshack.

  6. I did not expect any class from you, or any taking of responsibility from you either. I am not disappointed.

    It only reinforces what others are seeing of you.

  7. Mr. Melnick...you know what you just said is a bunch of crapola. I'm sure you will be posting the link to the video of the Walker-thug/supporter being hit in the head with a sign. The only video that shows anyone going after the Walker-thug/supporter is after he already shoved a woman and pushed the woman's husband over the bush.

    Mr. Melnick also said: "I don't have any sympathy for old Mollenhauer and gang when they go to an event looking to start trouble and end up finding it."

    So...now having a civil and lawful protest is "looking for trouble"?? What are you some sort of fascist?

  8. Take responsibility for what? Calling it like I see it?

    The situation played out the same as the confrontation at the lakefront TEA party rally a couple weeks ago. In both cases, a rude lone wolf interjected and allowed himself to be outnumbered while engaging in heated verbal exchanges. In both cases, the lone wolf crossed the line and got physical. In both cases, the lone wolf got arrested.

    The big difference is that I'm honest enough to say the lone wolf was wrong...in both cases.

    In contrast, capper prefers situational ethics to determine who is in the wrong based on his personal prejudices...in other words, capper will defend the TEA party disrupter while criticizing the guy at Serb Hall.

    The day you swear off name calling and petty, childish insults capper is the day I take criticism from you seriously.

    The only video I've seen begins after the "bully" is already engaged with a group of protesters. I witnessed a portion of the protest personally and have spoken to others who were there and have shared that in my commentary. I've seen some on capper's side do the same without video to back it up...so take it for what it's worth.

    A protest by its very nature is confrontational. Those protesters weren't seeking honest debate or rational discussion. They have no respect for those who disagree with them. They somehow feel that the economic hardships felt by those of us in the private sector should not apply to them. They feel the public serves them, not the other way around. Their goal was to disrupt and distract...so no, I have no sympathy for old Mollenhauer getting bushwhacked.

  9. Of course, you do realize you are lying through you're teeth. Again. We did fair bargaining and gave concessions.

    However, we will not abide illegal bargaining practices, no matter how much we get bullied, in person, or on the blogs.

  10. Mr. Melnick...you are an extremely dishonest person.

  11. Mr. Melnick said: "In both cases, the lone wolf got arrested."

    capper...maybe you know more about the eariler incident at the tea party than I do. Do you know whether or not the lone man who was chased and taunted by a mob of men was arrested...and if so...do you know what he was charged with? I heard he wasn't arrested and he wasn't charged with any crimes.

    Mr. Melnick also said: "The big difference is that I'm honest enough to say the lone wolf was wrong...in both cases."

    It's obvious when watching the videos the Walker-thug/supporter was not a "lone wolf". In the videos there are people standing behind him and at one point someone even handed him something that looked like either a camera or tape recorder.

  12. I was not at the TEA party. From what I've read and heard, the guy was behaving badly, was arrested, but then not charged.

  13. I think what speaks volumes is the fact the Walker-thug/supporter was cited by LE. Mr. Melnick can down play the incident or even mock the victims...but what matters is what the police officers thought about the incident...and they obviously thought the Walker-thug/supporter acted illegally. What Mr. Melnick thinks or how he feels is irrelevant.