Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brett Favre Is Too Old And Washed Up

Vikings 38
Packers 26

Favre's QB rating: 128
Rodgers QB rating: 108

Ted Thompson, please start packing your office.


  1. That's how I look at it too. But judging from the booing when Favre came out of the tunnel, I'm in the minority.

  2. You are wrong.

  3. After I heard the Packer fans boo Brett Favre I stopped watching the game. How ungrateful... I'm thrilled Favre's Vikings won!

  4. Anonymous, I am talking about the game in itself. You know, where the two QBs faced off against each other.

  5. Thompson and McCarthy have lost me, but not because of Favre. It's because of the state of the TEAM as a whole. No protection for Rodgers, unexcuseable penalties, etc. You people act like Favre would be doing just fine with the Packers as they are now. I say bullsh*t. If Rodgers was playing with a team as talented as the Vikes are, and as well protected as Favre is, he'd be putting up even better numbers than he is now. If Favre were getting sacked, and hit, as much as Rodgers is, he wouldn't be doing too well. Remember the Packers bad season, where Favre was getting killed and many were calling for his head? Many of us stood behind him then. Now, he plays for the enemy. I will cheer Favre when he is no longer playing for the enemy. I, as many fans I know, will always be a Favre fan for what he did for this TEAM. Yet, he's currently playing for the enemy. So, no love until after the season.

  6. No, Bill. Favre was having the same problems when he played with GB that Rodgers is having now.

    The only difference was that Thompson couldn't wait to show Favre the door, when he should've been building up the O-line and the team in general.

    And this is business, not war or politics. Favre knew he could still play and wanted to. He made a good decision to go to Minnie since there already was the team he wanted in GB, plus the warmth of a dome.

    Blame Thompson for pushing Favre to the other side. Don't blame Favre for doing what he is best at. Sticking it to TT only makes it sweeter for him.

  7. I attended the game (which wasnt cheap) and they was definitely more boos than cheers, but the end result was Favre throwing 4 touchdowns and winning in his return. My money was well-spent! This year is going to be Favre's 4th MVP.