Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond The Palin

So, I guess Sarah Palin was in town Friday night, using a fund raiser for some anti-choice group as a kick off trial balloon for her new book.

Personally, I don't care if she was here or what she was shilling, but there have some interesting observations made.

Heartland Hollar has a couple of post of interest.

One is that both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann were there. H.H. notes that Neumann got a much warmer reception. This only makes sense. Neumann has a long and steady track record of being strongly anti-abortion. Walker has a long history of not taking any stance on any issue, without flip-flopping like a fish pulled out of the water.

He also raises some questions about the "fair and balanced" approach the local paper took on covering the book tour stop. This post only reinforces what we already knew: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a right wing rag. No wonder they've let Walker get away with so much crap over the years.

The Chief found a review that was much less glowing than the one in the local paper.

The one thing that bugged me was from the paper's coverage:

Palin spoke movingly of her youngest son, Trig, who has Down syndrome. She recalled that when she was pregnant, she underwent an ultrasound and the technician told her, "I see boy parts."

Later, the technician told her that the baby's neck "is a little bit thicker," an indication that there might be an extra chromosome. A few days later, Down syndrome was confirmed.

"I was scared," Palin said, adding that she asked her husband, Todd, "Why us?" He responded, "Why not?"

Why us? Gee, Sarah, do you think that you had the baby at the age of 44 years old and have admitted to smoking marijuana, both of each alone can lead to birth defects, could have had something to do with it?

Is she that arrogant that she thinks she is immune to the laws of nature, or just that dumb. Thank goodness she'll never be in an office of power.

UPDATE: Apparently Charlie Sykes thinks I am off base on this topic, but he has no problems if someone mocks the Palins, calling them incestuous. Can you say hypocrisy?


  1. "Why us? Gee, Sarah, do you think that you had the baby at the age of 44 years old and have admitted to smoking marijuana, both of each alone can lead to birth defects, could have had something to do with it?"
    Pretty heartless, capper.
    I sincerely hope she uses her popularity to push an agenda for people with congitive disabilities ala Eunice Shriver and Special Olympics and what better way to do that as Presdident Sarah Palin.

  2. What exacrly has Palin pushed for Dan?

  3. brings the absolute worse out in people.

  4. Dan, you don't get it.

    Being an asshole about the children of Conservatives is cool.


    Being callous about others' difficult pregnancies--that's cool. Hip.

    Being a Lefty hater is MUCHO easy. That's why they do it, Dan.

  5. I don't blame Sarah P. for carrying that baby to term; I might even admire her for it.

    But here is where I think Mrs. Palin and her anti-abortion adorers are being shameful and unchristian: What they relish about the whole Trig thing is that warm "holier-than-thou" feeling they get by in effect pointing a self-righteous finger at all the already wounded couples whose fetus was diagnosed with down syndrome and decided, probably in anguish, to abort it.

    I don't know what I would have done in that situation. I know I am thankful my children are so healthful. But I know I would oppose what you awful people call "Big Government" intruding on a couple's decision in that situation. And I am happy that decision is still legal.

  6. "Why us" sounds like a pretty normal response, one anyone would have.
    I'm glad they chose not to kill their baby.

  7. Be sure to visit Dad29's blog for your all your Morning Hate needs!

    On tomorrow's show, he'll explain why most Catholics - except for him and a few of his friends of just the right sect and just the right mindset - are Wrong and headed straight for Hell.

    Dad29 likes the War on Drugs. You think he'd shy away from suggesting that marijuana causes birth defects in other circumstances? Or blaming and dismissing the problems of others because of their earlier choices?

    I'll remain skeptical that marijuana use even correlates with Down Syndrome. Show me the study and what others have said about it.

    It is far more likely that this happened simply because of the mother's age. According to the March of Dimes, the risk of Down Syndrome for a mother at age 40 is 1 in 100.

  8. Just how was I mocking the child? All I did was point out that Palin and First Dude had some irresponsible behaviors and then had a hard time accepting the consequences of their actions.

  9. Capper, You do not know if their smoking pot was why Trig had Down syndrome. It may not have any effect at all.

    I worked with Down syndrome people since I was in high school. & to put it bluntly,I would be willing to bet they had a better quality of life than you or the others pushing for abortion, ever had.

    All of them deserve to live. No human being has the right to murder another human being, born or pre-born.

    By the way Mr. Foust, yes there are absolutes. Some things are wrong, some, like abortion, are outright evil. & YES, there is a Hell. & those who persist in defying God do end up there.

  10. Al, where did I say the child should have been aborted?

    Lying is also a sin according to the Bible.

  11. Smoking pot at some point in your life does not cause T21. It is irresponsible of you to say that.

    And, when you receive tough news about your baby, you think all kinds of crazy things.

    I am not a Sarah fan but I do think it is admirable of her to be honest about the difficult feelings a parent has when they find out a diagnosis that changes everything.

  12. THC can have long term effects on reproductive cells in both men and women.

  13. Irresponsible behaviors? Like have a child late in life? Wow, this is just cold-hearted. Maybe it was a mistake. I'd assume your way of handling mistakes is to abort them?

  14. Al:
    We'll disagree I know. But just because you yell "there are absolutes" doesn't mean wise people still don't recognize distinctions, and respect people's freedom to choose.

    I will again say that it is up to the individual, not the government, if they choose to take a morning-after pill and turn a 1-day-old zygote into a miscarriage. I am evil, I guess, but I see that as different from shooting George Tiller with a gun while he was at his church.

    Did you hear last spring about the nine-year-old girl in Brazil who was impregnated with twins by her stepfather. Did you agree with the Vatican that excommunicated the girl's family, or should that family that arranged the abortion be executed for murder?

  15. capper,normally i agree with you,i am not a palin fan, but that post was cold man.

  16. As was pointed out over at Dad29, I never said what you claim I said. Please stop putting words in my mouth.

    However, I am also not surprized that you would try & twist what i said either.

    Bert as for your question, yes I agree wholeheartedly with the Vatican excommunication.

    As for: "But just because you yell "there are absolutes" doesn't mean wise people still don't recognize distinctions, and respect people's freedom to choose. " If you follow that logic to its relativistic conclusion you can justify anythuing under certain circumstances including rape, meurder or slavery.

  17. I wonder if Zach W will take issue with your callous commentary of parents of special needs children.

  18. you're the arrogant one. oh and sexist. and cruel. and ignorant.

  19. There is nothing that Sarah Palin said that would give me the idea that she thinks she is immune to laws of nature. For you to suggest that she does, once again shows how incredibly ignorant you are.

  20. Capper is sick.

    That is some pix in today's paper.

  21. I had my trisomy baby at age 30. Not old, and never did drugs. I asked Why me? You have no idea what it is like to receive news like that. No idea what can race through someone's mind. My child deserved/deserves life. Why would I or anyone else have the right to take that away from her??? What was my "consequences of their actions." Capper?
    Special needs child=consequence?? A woman who actually does what she says she believes in and through the struggles that come along with that, has a beautiful boy and shows her love for all life gets ripped on by a jack ass like you! Shut your mouth over things you have no idea about...

  22. Sad, Mr. Liebenthal. Sad....

    I believe you need to ask yourself how you can ever be expected to be taken seriously with truly ridiculous comments such as this.

    If you are trying to get somewhere in life by lighting up your blog with hate-speech, congrats, everyone is pointing at the idiot right now. Mission Accomplished.

    Come on, Chris.... don't you aim to be something better?

  23. Given crappers bogus logic, either his parents dropped him on the head or his mom injected heroin. I'm thinking both occurred frequently.

    Far left loons like Liebenthal always come from broken, drug infested homes.

  24. Gee, capper, you hit a nerve.
    Well, at least, I can say you and I have something in common. We both have bodies made for blogging.

  25. Dan-

    LOL! I've got a voice made for blogging as well.

    And welcome to Charlie Sykes' listeners/readers. It may interest you to know the real reason why he chose to attack me.

  26. capper...I didn't like what you said in this post. I don't think it's right to blame a mother (regardless who she is) for her baby's down syndrome...but obviously...politics makes people say strange things. One thing you did not do by any stretch is suggest she should have aborted her some on the right have said.

    Also...I have to say...what you wrote in this post is not anywhere near as bad as some of the other stuff I read on some other yes...I would say there is something else motivating this selective outrage from the right.

    I can't help but scratch my head when I hear/read about the reaction this post received. With all the horrors happening around us...this is what people decide they need to focus on??? Hello...anyone out there listening?? Rapes are up...children are being molested...violent felons are being allowed to go free to prey on us time and time again...people are losing their livelihoods...dogs/animals are being abused/killed...HELLO...

    What a waste...

  27. I couldn't help but notice that you're attempting to use a post I wrote to illustrate Charlie Sykes' alleged hypocrisy regarding Sarah Palin.

    There's a huge difference between not finding offense with an SNL spoof of the New York Times and finding offense with attacks on Sarah Palin's real life.

    In 2008, Sykes' commentary focused on the jokes at the expense of the NYT, which were spot-on.

    I was critical of his remarks because I was unable to get past the inappropriateness of SNL raising the subject of incest within the Palin family.

    After all, we know some Leftists do think what they see on SNL is real. Some Leftists believe what Tina Fey said as Sarah Palin in skits were Palin's actual quotes. Barbara Walters comes to mind.

    In sum, my post does not provide you with a legitimate charge of hypocrisy on Sykes' part. It's that apples and oranges thing again.

    For the record, I think your comments about Palin's reaction to her child's condition show no compassion or understanding of the human condition whatsoever.

    Also, how did you find my post on the SNL skit? That was over a year ago. Do you or one of your cohorts keep what you perceive as ammunition against your nemeses at the ready? Creepy.

  28. Wow, Mary, that is some convoluted thinking you have going on there.

    And as for finding it, actually a friend emailed it to me. I would imagine that they found it with this new invention called a search engine, like Google perhaps.

  29. "I wonder if Zach W will take issue with your callous commentary of parents of special needs children."

    Roland, thanks for your concern about what I think of what capper wrote. I certainly think a line was crossed with what he wrote, and I disagree with what he had to say, but I think you all are doing a fine job of raking him over the coals without my help.

    Have a great day!

  30. A search engine? Really?

    That seems impossible unless it was an extremely narrow search. I'd like to know the search words and the search engine. Perhaps your "friend" can enlighten me. I'm curious. Would you please find out for me?

    Why be so snippy, Chris? "New invention"? Was that necessary?

    I really don't understand the hate on the Left for Sykes, and conservatives in general.

    It's a weird, sad war you're waging.

    So you're a social worker?

    I'm surprised a social worker would be so cold-hearted. You were merciless in your harassment of Jessica McBride, and the hate you display for Sykes is nothing compared to your treatment of Sarah Palin.

    In all seriousness, I would expect a social worker to understand Palin's emotions. Do you bring that coldness to your work, or is it just reserved for your enemies?

    Your approach and your brutal attacks don't fit with my image of a social worker. Weren't you trained NOT to tear people down, especially with ugly personal shots?

    You must know techniques in dealing with people that aren't so personally destructive.

    Doesn't that hate eat away at you? I don't see how it could be a positive force in your life.

    Would you please explain how you manage this incongruity? I think it would make for an interesting post.

  31. Mary, what incongruity? I am merely pointing out that actions have consequences. If you don't have a problem with Sykes' hypocrisy, that's fine, but I choose not to enable him.

    If Palin took risks, I merely tried to point out that there may be consequences that don't affect only her. I never claimed half the things that I have been accused of, nor could anyone actually prove it. It is merely overly exaggerated selective outrage.

  32. You're not "merely pointing out" at all.

    This is not "merely pointing out":

    "Why us? Gee, Sarah, do you think that you had the baby at the age of 44 years old and have admitted to smoking marijuana, both of each alone can lead to birth defects, could have had something to do with it?

    "Is she that arrogant that she thinks she is immune to the laws of nature, or just that dumb. Thank goodness she'll never be in an office of power."

    As a social worker, I would hope that you would display more sensitivity. I don't get how you can divorce yourself from your professional training to make such comments and suggestions about a woman in her situation.

    Don't you hesitate to reveal that you harbor such callousness?

    Your comments are troubling to me. They might be troubling to those you encounter professionally.