Friday, November 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts

One from grumps:
You wouldn't take your dog to a vet who hated animals or trust your child to pediatrician who hated kids.

So why would you elect a Governor who hates government?
And Harris Kane wonders what would happen if Scott Walker actually had to fend for himself.


  1. Now THAT's cognitive dissonance!

  2. Why? Because I too hate government...

  3. And that's why this Walker/ Bush types of Republicans are abysmal failures in leadership. Sure, saying the government is incapable of doing things and yakking about low taxes sounds good and may win a news cycle or two. But we don't govern with news cycles, and that mentality leads to complete ineffectiveness and hackery when done as an attempt of governing.

    Because if you have a philosophy that "anyone can do this job", you hire "just anyone", as long as they say the right things and help the right people. And now that Barrett's in the race, the contrast in competence will be obvious.

    I'd say Scotty better hope he's primaried out, but given how he's screwed over the County, being in control when that happens will also destroy his career. His best bet may be to resign the job that he's elected to (and doesn't do anyway) and ride it out as a Palin-style speaker to gullible blamers like CRG. Maybe that was the advice he was seeking last week. :)

  4. jake....OUTSTANDING.