Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dumb And Dumber - Packer Style

OK, this is too funny:


But I do have a question. With the Cowboys coming in with the leagues leader sacker, and the Packers leading the league in giving up sacks, what is the over/under for Aaron Rodgers eating tundra?


  1. Go Favre's Vikings!

    My daughter is at the game with her fiance and he's a Cowboys fan...I sure hope he doesn't get jumped. It's so hard for me to get behind the Packers without Favre.

  2. i loved the packers long before farve, during farve and still love them now.

    i understand why people don't like tt and mm, and there are legit reasons that go well beyond the farve situation.

    i even understand why folks want farve to do well even though he is now with a bitter rival.


    i will never understand why any packer fan would suddenly cheer against the packers.