Sunday, November 29, 2009

Favre: MVP Inspirations?

A couple of things about Brett Favre, who led the Vikings to a 10-1 standing by decimating da Bears.

One, he has one former critic turned fan who thinks he should be the MVP this year:

I've been extremely critical of Favre in recent years simply because I thought he was as much to blame for his ugly divorce with the Packers as GM Ted Thompson was. He also was disingenuous in his failed comeback with the Jets last season. He went from telling the Jets he was retiring to having corrective shoulder surgery to showing up at the Vikings' practice facility.

But even I can appreciate the special stamp Favre is putting on this NFL season. He deserves high praise for the way he's competed and for elevating the Vikings into serious Super Bowl contention. At 40 years old, Favre is playing better than he ever has.

And by better, I mean he's been more impressive in guiding the Vikings to a 9-1 record and control of the NFC North than when he went to back-to-back Super Bowls and won three straight MVPs as an icon in Green Bay. He's also better now than when he took Green Bay to the NFC championship in 2007.

To Favre/Green Bay fans, that probably sounds crazy, but Favre has never been this poised, this sure of himself and -- you can bet -- this motivated. The difference between the Favre we once knew and the Favre we see now is that Favre 2.0 is playing with an amazing amount of control. Throughout his career, Favre has been known as the quarterback who has tried to do too much, or tried too hard to prove he could make every throw. That anxiousness appears to be gone.

And on a different note, the Favres' blog is still sputtering along, with a recent entry by Deanna, including this picture, that makes most Packer fans want to cry:


  1. OMG...Brett has a blog?? Don't tell my hubby...I'll have to fight him for the computer if he finds out!

  2. Brett Favre is slapping around every NFL defense he faces this year, and I havent read one experts take that suggested he isnt the MVP so far. 24 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is just absurd.