Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ode To Skippy

From one of my anonymous readers, in the comment thread to a previous post:
ode to skippy

skippy skippy
youre such a stud
the C.R.G. people
believe your crud

skippy skippy
you must be proud
"I got rid of the janitors"
he screams aloud

I should have got
meters at the lake
before people realize
I'm a fake

standing up for the taxpayer
is his pledge
many people wish
he would jump of a ledge

running the county
is now out of the way
I'm running for gov.
day after day

skippy wants everyone
to think he's the man
bow hunting and harleys
he thinks that's the plan

skippy can't believe
those dopes on the board
fell for his plans
they're all out of their gourd
Heh, CogDis set to poetry. I like it.

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