Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plaisted Channels His Cognitive Dissidence

Ladies and gentleman, Mike Plaisted:
Scott Walker isn't a County Executive -- he's a cartoon. Every statement, every proposal, every budget he's made since he took advantage of Tom Ament's misfortune to gain an office he never would have otherwise has been an unserious joke, meant only to strike poses for the right-wing base he thinks is going to advance his blind ambition to be Governor. When Walker proposes something, you know it's not going to happen -- the only question is who is going to be the adult that fixes the mess.

Do read the whole thing.


  1. "Tom Ament's MISFORTUNE"?

    Ament and his cronies, including the AFSCME thugs who agreed to the pension theft-and-fraud scheme, make Goldman Sachs execs look like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  2. The Mercer trial puts some question into who did what regarding this. Regarding AFSCME, as usual, you are dead wrong again. AFSCME actually questioned it, but was told to shut up. AFSCME didn't ask for it, but you can't blame them for taking it.

  3. 1) I specifically said "agreed to," not "concocted" w/regard AFSCME. I note that they haven't rejected it, either.

    2) There's no "question" raised by the Mercer trial. Ament (and others) are slime. I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.