Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Shark And The Stand Up Comic

Rick Esenberg has got jokes:
2. This seems to me like an unusual matchup of two relatively personable and "cool" (in the McLuhan sense of being less obvious and more detached from the fray) candidates. Folks like Doyle, Loftus, Chvala, Garvey and even the garrulous Thompson were much more combative and tempermentally partisan. Going negative will be a challenge for both these guys.
Let's see, Scott Walker started out ripping on Governor Jim Doyle. When Governor Doyle dropped out, he made the straw man argument against the unions. He's been ripping on Mark Neumann whenever he can. And has Jay and Seth (Seth! He's alive!) show in their comments in the comment thread, Walker wasted no time going after Tom Barrett within hours of his announcement.

Illy-T also notes that Esenberg has a more-than-somewhat skewed perception of reality.

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