Friday, November 13, 2009

Supervisors Behaving Badly

Earlier this week, County Supervisor John Weishan wrote a letter to Board Chairman Lee Holloway complaining about the performances of Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs, Chairwoman of the Finance and Audit Committee, and Supervisor Paul Cesarz, Chairman of the Personnel Committee.

Weishan called for Holloway to ask each of his fellow supervisors to step down from their respective chairs. His complaints about their performances are not without merit, especially in regards to Cesarz. I don't like the thought of someone with his own personal and ethical issues deciding the fates of workers or trying to support his buddy, Scott Walker, and Walker's cronies, on the backs of the workers.

But then Weishan, for some inexplicable reason, felt that this letter should be published publicly.

This caused a firestorm, with Coggs issuing her own public statement bashing Weishan. Coggs claimed that her committee was inclusive (it was) and pointed a finger back at Weishan for not participating (even though he did).

Supervisor Peggy West chimed in on her facebook page, coming to the defense of Coggs.

All of this is disheartening, to say the least. At a time when the Board should be trying to work together as a whole to address the important issues, like trying to salvage something close to workable out of the budget or trying to resolve the contracts before they are handed their butts in arbitration, they should not be having these spitting contests, much less having them in public.


  1. There is no honor amongst thieves.

  2. "I don't like the thought of someone with his own personal and ethical issues deciding the fates of workers[.]"


    Unless of, of course, it's Lee Holloway.

    You cap, er, crack, me up!

  3. Another "how does this effect me" post from a guy who thinks the taxpayers exist to serve him...and not the other way around.

  4. Publius,

    Where did I say I supported Holloway?

    Anonymous, yeah, screwing over the disabled and elderly for 86 cents a month is soooo much better.