Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks For Making Us Feel Better About Ourselves Already

Las Vegas Dan, a frequent commenter here, started up his own blog a while ago. It is a cornucopia of opportunities to make one feel smarter, not by learning from what he writes, but in knowing that you couldn't possibly be that bad off.

Case in point: Dan wrote a post attacking Jay Bullock, accusing him of calling Sarah Palin equine fecal matter.

But if you actually look at Jay's post, you would see that Jay is not talking about Palin, per se. He is talking about her polling numbers compared to those of President Obama.

That kind of makes Dan look like a tick turd. But he isn't done there. On Jay's post, Dan kick's off the comment thread with this:
Jay, you really shouldn't call Obama horse shit
Maybe this Dan's attempt at humor. If it is, it is a big failure, especially considering the faux outrage Dan posted about it. And using Dan's logic, that would make him a racist tick turd.

And while I was following the links, I find this comment from my friend Tim, pointing out that Dan mocked Tim's recently deceased mother. (What is with right wingers and mocking dead mothers anyway?)

So, in one post, Dan has shown that he is illiterate, a racist, and an insensitive lout.

That's enough to make anyone feel better about themselves.


  1. Does Dan teach at a public school?

  2. I know he teaches, but I don't know for sure if it is a public school.

  3. If Tim decides to act like a human being instead a very, very vile person, maybe I wouldn't have to come down to his level. But Tim has decided that he wants to be a very, very nasty person, so I am just giving a taste of his own medicine.
    So, if Tim wants to actually become a somewhat decent human being, maybe I can become civil towards him.
    Since he is crying like alittle girl about this, maybe he will have learned a valuable lesson: If you want to play nasty, then expect the same treatment.

  4. So, you're claiming "He started it!" Now we can added immature to the list. Although, who knows what you're even talking about, since you apparently like to make things up.

  5. Gee capper, after all the times I stuck up for you. But then, what do expect from a social worker? Maybe someday you will get a real job.
    But then again, since you apparently you don't even read your own blog and comments, you would sound ignorant.

  6. LOL! A real job? Like Wally World?

    Yeah, having people's lives in your hand is a mere piffle, right, Danny boy?

    And for the last line, if I don't read comments, why are we even having this conversation?

    Thanks Dan, I'm feeling smarter already.

  7. Well, capper, if you read Tim's comments on your blog and Jay's, you would perfectly understand where I am coming from.

  8. Gee, a liberal calling a conservative a racist. How ols is that? Next time you will will lead the chant: Hey ho, Dan has got to go.
    Grow up, you union thug.