Friday, November 13, 2009

There Are Numbers, And There are Stats

Scott Walker was bragging about winning the GOP's 8th District straw poll by a whopping 92%.

Very impressive, even I will admit.

What is not so impressive is what they don't report.

According to the local paper from that part of the world, which just arrived today, Walker, along with Van Hollen and a couple of other local politicians, were only able to draw 39 people from the entire district.

There are a heckuva a lot of more than 39 people living in that district.

Now wonder Walker is running scared in his gubernatorial run.


  1. "Now wonder Walker is running scared in his gubernatorial run."

    With comments like that, your blog should be called "Cognitive Disconnect."

  2. "running scared"

    Wha? Based on? The democratic opponent which currently doesn't exist?

  3. The last sentence of this post clarifies why every one of your non-factual, uber-partisan tractations should be greeted with aggressive skepticism.

  4. I am beginning to wonder if Anonymous is a guy named Tim Russell, or perhaps Tom Nardelli or maybe even Scott himself! Such vitriol from folks afraid to sign their name against someone they discount completely... if you and what you say are so unimportant, untruthful and unbelievable why do they bother reading your posts or responding to it???

  5. I don't think Walker is running scared, so perhaps I do agree with the previous posters on that. But I don't think that they -- or Walker -- get the point: only 39 people showed up to this straw poll, and he's bragging about a decisive victory in the district? Pardon the pun (ok, it's intended), but it seems like Walker's grasping at straws on this one. He's naive to think that this somehow indicates he's going to be the next governor. Whether he will be or not, time will tell...but this straw poll is hardly something Walker should be advertising about.

  6. the real surprise is 39 people actually showed up to listen to this goof.

  7. Where does it say that the straw poll was based on responses from 39 people? That might be what capper wants you to think, which is why he put those two separate pieces in the article.

    @Beth...even if that's your real name, I don't know ya/never heard of offense. I don't need to know you to evaluate your comments, just as you don't need to know me to evaluate mine. I am curious though, might you be capper's grandmother?

  8. It is in the local paper Waupaca County Post, which unfortunately doesn't have the story on line. I will be relating more on that now that I've reread the story. It only makes the whole thing look sillier.

    The candidate running scared is the one that goes negative. I haven't heard Walker be positive about much. He's usually attacking Doyle, then Neumann, then the unions, and now Barrett.

  9. This was likely a local party meeting... Out in the middle of nowhere, this is problably the 39 people that actually do the work in the district.

    Of course it does not represent the entire district, who said it did?

    Walker Derangement Syndrome at it's very peak.

  10. No, it was GOP CD 8. This is all that Walker could get there. Really pathetic, Scott.

    Stay tuned. There is more fun that you and your buddies will hate to have known.