Friday, November 20, 2009

Walker Is A Failure At Creating Jobs

James Rowen has a brilliant young man guest writing on his site. This young man, John Kovari, takes a serious look at Scott Walker's stance that the only way to create jobs quickly is by lowering the tax rate:

What the evidence suggests is that the economic situation in counties is more complex than simply focusing on the tax rate. Many other factors are in play when it comes to job creation, including proximity to markets, proximity to public services, quality of infrastructure, educated workforce, etc. Economic development depends more on developing these amenities than just lowering taxes and tax rates.

From a quick look at this economic evidence, Walker’s claim about lowering taxes as the fastest way to stimulate job creation seems less valid. Milwaukee County Supervisors might want to keep this in mind when considering Walker's upcoming vetoes on the 2010 Budget.

Another example that Walker doesn't know much about creating jobs is the fact that he was too incompetent to properly run the Private Industry Council, which was wrested away from him and given to the City of Milwaukee and Mayor Tom Barrett, due to Barrett's much better track record of creating and keeping jobs in the Milwaukee area.

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